Monday, August 4, 2014

Sally Hansen Coral Reef

Hey Everyone! Mondays are always so much fun. I just got yelled at by some woman who dialed the wrong number then proceeded to scream at me demanding to know what number she called. That one went well. Some days people just floor me with their attitudes.

Recently there was some outrage and panic in the nail polish world. I know that is actually a pretty common occurrence so it doesn't really come as a shock. More accurately you are probably wondering which situation I am referring to. This particular post is about the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. For some reason the company decided to take some colors and change the formula but not the name or the number and release them with their new label like nothing happened. This of course sent flocks of crazed polish addicts to the store to seek out the colors they messed with. One of those colors was Coral Reef and I happened to find an old bottle and pick it up as I was shopping at Target. I found it very strange that the colors that were changed, or at least the three I knew for sure were changed, had two different slots for that color. It was the only color that had two so I am not sure if it was a coincidence or someone noticed the difference in colors when putting the new bottles out. It was strange though.

I used three coats of Coral Reef for this mani and did some dotting with Sinful Colors Cool Grey. 

I wasn't impressed with the formula though now that I am writing this I can't remember why. I do know that my overall impression after doing this mani was more along the lines of I should have left it behind for someone else. 

The color is nice enough for a coral but it isn't a color I would reach for often just based on my personal preference. I did like the way it looked when I did the dotted accent nails. 

It also chipped mighty fast but I can't necessarily blame it on Coral Reef. Overall this was one of the times I bought into the hype then realized afterward that I had totally become a sheep and followed the herd. Bahhh. 

That's all for now :)

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