Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool Grey and Hot Pink Hearts Review

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Monday!! Well, we have one week of summer left. This week I think T has only two to three days of band which he greatly appreciates. He actually even came to work with me today. I am sure that decision was mostly because I offered to pay him if he helped me out. Our warehouse guy is on vacation so I am left to run the warehouse and the inside and I figured T would like to make some extra money. He happily agreed. He can't come tomorrow and I think he has to be at band Wednesday as well so this is the only day I will get the help. Of course today is on the slow side. It is still always fun to have him here with me for the day. I am not sure he thinks it is fun but he humors me. 

Today I have a review for you from an item that the BornPrettyStore sent me for an honest review. I love BornPrettyStore and frequently order from them. The shipping can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a month but the products are great as are the prices. 
Today I will be reviewing the 90pcs 4mm Mini Colored Heart Shaped Metallic Stud Rhinestone UV Gel Nail Art Decoration. I wouldn't mind if their products had shorter names, I think we will just call these the Mini Heart Studs from here on out. This package comes with 90pcs of one color. I forgot to take a picture of the packaging but it comes in a little baggie. I transferred mine to a clear container for storage.

I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do my nails for this mani so I actually have two different manis to show you. For the first one I used a base of Sinful Colors Cool Grey. I then used some loose black glitter mixed with clear polish to add a triangular shape in the middle. The shape wasn't very good because I forgot my striping tape. I used clear top coat to secure the heart stud to the nail.

The heart studs are 4mm which is about as big as I really would like to go on my nails. Since mine are so small having anything bigger pretty much takes over my nail. When I have the studs in this position you can see how there wouldn't be much room for anything bigger on my pinkie. I like this size a lot and think it is the perfect size for these hearts. Not too big and not too small.

I love the neon vibrant color of these hearts. They are quite bright and fun and the neon freaked my camera out a little bit. They are really neon pink but my camera couldn't capture the color most of the time. 

The hearts did stick up a little bit but they never snagged on anything, including my hair, and they stayed put nicely. I didn't have any problems with any of them falling off.

I wasn't really keen on the whole black glitter stripe for some reason so I decided to give the studs a try without that glitter.

I used a base of Sally Hansen Cool Grey and then placed the heart studs lower and more in the middle of my nails. They fit much nicer on this area of my nail and didn't stick up as much. The shape of the hearts let them hug my nail a little more in the center.

I put a coat of top coat over the studs to make sure they weren't going to be going anywhere. I liked this mani a lot better than the one with the black glitter. 

In the middle of my nail I think the 4mm size of these hearts is perfect. It isn't too big and isn't too small either. They definitely look smaller since they aren't as close to my cuticle but I love the way they look.

Since I only used top coat to secure them removal was as easy as removing nail polish. Now, I am sure you know this by now but I am pretty cheap. I like to reuse things as much as possible and always try to salvage my nail art supplies after I have used them. I know this item comes with 90 pieces but just throwing away the hearts after I used them bothered me.

One thing I did realize in removal is that the acetone is going to cause the coloring of these studs to come off as well. Perfect, I thought, now I can use them again and they will be different! After removing the mani and the coloring from the studs I was left with a new set of shiny silver heart studs.

I decided to do a mani with those to show you how you can reuse these studs instead of just throwing them away after one use. I used the same Sinful Colors Cool Grey base and put the hearts in the center of my nails again. Removing the color from the studs is easy and doesn't leave them damaged at all. 

The studs look a little scratched in these pictures but I assure you that is the top coat and the reflection. I did this mani as a quick experiment and wasn't as careful. I didn't let Cool Grey dry enough so some of the color was picked up in my top coat brush and made it onto the hearts making them look a little funny.

Basically I just wanted to show you that if you are frugal or just don't feel like throwing away the studs after use you can totally wipe the rest of the color off and use them as silver studs! 

Overall I love these cute little hearts and would definitely buy the other colors. The package is $2.63 for 90 hearts which is a really good deal. BornPrettyStore also gave me a discount code for my readers so if you use code JLG10 you get 10% off your order.

That's all for now :) 


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    1. Aren't they fun?! I am a sucker for all things hearts and neon lol


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