Thursday, August 28, 2014

CK Emerald Green

Hey Everyone!!! It has been a very long past couple of weeks. We are still trying to figure out what is wrong with T and he has tests and doctor appointments to go to. I think the stress is catching up to me since I had a lovely anxiety attack Tuesday. I am feeling better except for my tooth bothering me again. I am going to need to finally make that dental appointment next week. Things could be worse though. 

Today I have what was probably my biggest lemming. An amazing polish fairy from a forum I belong to gifted me this polish recently when she found out it was my number one most wanted. I nearly fell out of my chair from excitement and how amazingly sweet she is. I literally opened the package and did my nails I was so very excited.

Calvin Klein nail polish. Who knew?! I had never known that Calvin Klein had polish until someone posted this baby on their nails one day. It was instant love. 

I love the cap! I am not really into the whole designer name thing and the only thing I really know about Calvin Klein is that I can not stand CK One. This guy used to drench himself in that stuff then sit in front of me in my Algebra II class and it gave me a headache everyday. I can't stand that smell to this day. 

The gorgeous Calvin Klein Emerald Green. 

I used three coats of Emerald Green for this mani. OMG it is as gorgeous in real life as it was in the pictures I first saw of it.

The formula was good but I was not entirely fond of the brush. I can get over the brush though because the color is so pretty.

It is so glowy.

And pretty.

And I took a ton of pictures of it.

I am still ridiculously excited about this polish and I can't believe I finally own it.

I couldn't say thank you enough.

I actually somehow chipped my one finger within 24 hours. I don't think it was the polish I think it was when I opened a box or something at work.

Yes, I totally just redid that nail and kept on wearing this bad boy.

I love this polish. I would totally paint my car in it.

So very pretty. So very generous and I am so very happy! I can't wait to find a way to pass that type of generosity forward.

That's all for now :)


  1. So beautiful! And so great when a wish list HTF appears like magic thanks to a friend!

    1. It is soo pretty and now I want to wear it again lol. Nail polish friends are awesome!


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