Thursday, August 7, 2014

Conserve and Sustain

Hey Everyone!!! Oh what a week. We have a bit of a crisis going on regarding T and band and it has pretty much been draining my energy. I have pictures to edit and things to do and have had a headache most of the week from stress. Hopefully tonight I can get on the ball a little bit and get things done. The summer is nearly over which blows my mind because it doesn't seem like it should be. Then again it seems like it has taken forever as well.

Today I have a mani with a new to me brand and a really cool recent find. I hadn't frequented my little nail polish supply place in a very long time and decided to stop in awhile back. To my surprise they carry some new brands including Nubar. I was super excited because I had never seen Nubar carried in a store. I was able to keep calm and only buy two. That is mainly because I was running out of time though. 

Nubar Conserve from the Going Green Collection and Mentality Sustain from the Green Mattes Collection.

Mentality Nail Polish is a new to me brand. I have ordered a few from either blog sales or their site to give them a try and this is the first one I have used. I have been following them on facebook for awhile and they have great stamping polishes, based on what I have seen, and a fun brand. They offer free shipping within the USA which also makes me quite excited. 

I also used one of my new Dashica plates XL SdP-77.  I used the full nail image and one of the leafy images.

I started the mani with three coats of Nubar Conserve. I have wanted the Going Green Collection for as long as I have known about the brand and was so excited to finally get this color. I think I will save up and go back and get the rest. 

The formula on Conserve was really nice. The first coat was thin and made me think we might have problems but it all evened out nicely.

I stamped the design using Sustain which stamped perfectly. It is a matte polish so it gave the mani a nice textured look. I really like the way this polish stamped and am impressed with the quality.

My Dash plate stamped perfectly and I love this image. I have a few different Dash plates now and every one that I have used has worked like a dream. I am a total fan now and can't wait to collect some more plates.

I wanted to add a little something so I stamped the leaf design with Konad Black polish on my accent nail. I used top coat on this nail only because I was really curious to see what Sustain would look like with top coat.

Top coat didn't change the depth of the color of Sustain which I notice sometimes happens with mattes. It pretty much just looked pretty shiny with the top coat. I think I like it better without the top coat because to me it looks like there is a fabric feel to it when the polish is matte.

I pretty much loved this mani and didn't want to take it off. I took a ton of pictures of it as well.

I really love these two green colors together. I do need to try and do a full mani with Sustain though. I am very curious to see what that will look like.

I think both these polishes will be on my list to use when St. Patrick's Day rolls around.

That's all for now :)

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