Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3rd

Hey Everyone!! This should have been up earlier but for some reason my computer at work would not put the pictures in properly. Since everything was sideways or upside down I figured I should probably wait until I got home. That turned out for the better because I was able to get a bottle shot and use my actual camera. I wanted to show you my pre-July 4th mani. I call it my July 3rd mani. 

I was not sure what I wanted to do but I was really tired so I pretty much just pulled some polishes from my drawer to use for my 4th manis. I wanted to use this Salon Perfect polish that I picked up in Port Charlotte when we were vacationing. Their Walmart had a very nice polish section. I also thought perhaps I should dip my toes in and try the China Glaze Crinkled Chrome polish I picked up on clearance on clearance awhile back. I used Aluminate from the Crinkled Chrome line and Save Me a Spot from the patriotic Salon Perfect display.

I used two coats of Aluminate for the base. I have to say I saw so many mixed reactions on this line but I love it. It has a weird texture going on but I am weird so I am attracted to it. I think I might have to score a couple more next time Sally does their clearance on clearance. I know there are several still floating around.

If you notice the bottle of Save Me a Spot there is quite a bit missing. This is because I am a complete spaz and dropped the open bottle on the floor last night. It bounced and left a glorious patriotic trail until it rolled to a stop and blobed out a whole puddle full of polish. Because I was sitting on the couch and had a bunch of stuff on my lap I wasn't able to spring into action and probably lost a bit more polish. I was not very thrilled about the whole situation. I think it is about time I find that pool noodle and cut it up to make polish holders for myself.

Now I do like Save Me a Spot but this mani was not what I envisioned. Throwing the bottle of polish across the room probably didn't help my feelings toward it. It is fun and cute but it just reminds me of the book Put Me in the Zoo. I absolutely LOVE that book but it doesn't scream July 4th to me and quite frankly that is part of the reason it is not going to see the dawn's early light. 

Save Me a Spot has a lot of glitter but getting enough out was a fishing expedition. That furthered my annoyance. I used a make up sponge and just globbed some polish on and then blotted the glitter on. I can't tell you how many times I blobbed glitter on only to find that there was actually nothing but clear polish on my sponge. 

Overall I like both of these polishes but I just wasn't feeling the mani. Save Me a Spot has great matte circle glitter but it isn't the easiest to get out. If I hadn't used the makeup sponge my nails might be a quarter of an inch thick by the time I got the glitter on there. Does the middle nail in the picture above remind anyone else of a smiley face? I feel like it is staring at me and it kind of creeps me out.

That's all for now :)


  1. Great 4th Mani! I really want that Salon Perfect polish; I hope it's there at my next cross border shopping trip!

  2. Now that you point it out, I do see the smiley guy.

    At least you know what happened to your missing polish--I saw more than one bottle still at the Walmart on Friday that looked to be missing at least that much. I swear people do their manis right there sometimes and just put the bottles back.

    1. Oh good I am not totally nuts, you see it too :)

      I have seen people "test" polish out and basically do their entire mani right there in the store. It makes me CRAZY! We were at Ulta I think it was and I was opening the two polishes I bought to check the threads and brush and C was freaking out on me. He kept saying You can't open that in here! You can't use it yet! I said I was just checking to make sure no one else used it. He couldn't believe that I had to check the bottles to make sure they weren't used and gross. Sometimes I forget, especially at Sally, and I get very annoyed when I come home to find a nasty messy used bottle.


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