Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Couture Gel Polish Aloe Very

Hey Everyone!!! Oh Tuesday, you are not being kind to me. You are acting like a Monday and that is not friendly. I have a slight headache too. It is just one of those days.

Today we continue gel week with the polish that turned me on to the brand Couture Gel Nail Polish! I actually spoke with a very nice member of a nail group last night who loves Couture Gel Polish. I thought it was really cool since I had initially contacted the lovely lady regarding stamping polishes and the conversation just roamed to gel and Couture. 

You saw a sneak peak at this mani yesterday in my system review. This is Aloe Very which is #100. It is a gorgeous color but I believe I made my coats a little too thin. Since this was my first experience with Couture polish and the system I went pretty thin and cautious. My mani is very much lighter than the swatches I have seen for this color. I think next time I need to actually use more polish. This was four very, very thin coats.

I absolutely love the color but 4 coats did not make me happy. You can see how thin it is in some spots. This is no reflection of the actual product but very much a reflection on the skills I lack. The shade is a very pretty shimmering sea foam type green. Very very pretty even though I made it very light.

I will definitely do another mani with this color and post that one. It doesn't look too bad being very light but the visible nail line drives me mad.

This polish was so easy to apply and super smooth. The mani itself did not last very long on me but that was not due to the color. 

It is so pretty in the sun, I love the shimmer. I pretty much went through the site and wanted all the polishes that have this type of shimmer in it. It is stunning.

I was extremely happy with this polish and the way it cooperated. It didn't flood my cuticles at all which is a great bonus. I am not the best with gel polish but this one made it so easy to work with. I usually have some cuticle flooding issues with other brands and was so happy with the formula on this one. 

This was probably one of the least messy gel manis I have accomplished yet. I am very impressed with their polish. I wish it would have lasted longer but the color and formula were great. I will be able to say for sure it is a complete winner when I try the mani again with thicker coats and see the coverage. Right now I am happy to say I am not at all upset about the purchase or the quality.

That's all for now :) 

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