Monday, December 2, 2013

Zoya Dream

Hey Everyone!! Did anyone take advantage of the cyber Monday deals? I wasn't really able to but that is ok. I did find a whole bunch of things to add to my wishlist though. I'm currently writing this on my Kindle so we shall see how this goes. I have never tried posting from my Kindle. It is definitely different. I am not going to be able to add the Monday Blues link to this post until tomorrow.

I was able to take part in one of the awesome Zoya promos not long ago where I picked up these two blue beauties. Zoya Dream and Mosheen from the winner Zenith winter collection. 

I used three coats of Dream as the base.

It is hard to see but I used a coat of Mosheen on my ring finger.

Dream is a gorgeous blue with holo glitter. I love the way Zoya makes these polishes.

I am going to have to use Mosheen in a different way to show off how pretty sure is. She did add a bit of sparkle to Dream but it was subtle.

I would love Zoya to make more of these holo glitter polishes. An emerald green would be epic.

That's all for now :)


  1. I'm so jealous of people in the US! You always have these great promos and we have to sell our soul for a few Zoya polishes. I love Dream! It's been on my wishlist ever since it came out, even though I already own a lot of shimmery blues. I still can't help it. I need it!

    1. Oh nooo I hate hearing that because Zoya is one of my favorites. I would definitely say it is a must have. I am such an enabler though. If I can ever get through on one of these promos they are doing today I will try and get one for you. I haven't had any luck yet though.


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