Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nabi Tawny

Hey Everyone!! I can't believe it is December already. I am not prepared. We got some Christmas shopping done but not all of it. We need to get a tree too. I feel so behind. It doesn't help that it is warm out which doesn't help bring holiday feelings. It isn't overly hot so I shouldn't complain. I need to take out some holiday color polishes so I can get started on my holiday manis. I keep looking at the Fall colors I have out and thinking how pretty they are though. 

Today I have one of the Nabi 3-D Rainbow Effect Hologram polishes for you. These never showed up in stores in my area but my awesome friend Jess found them on clearance at her Walgreens. She picked a couple up for me as part of my birthday package. She is the best.

This is Nabi Tawny.

It was pretty overcast the day I wore this and I couldn't get a good shot of it in the sun. It looks a little darker depending on the lighting. It is a gorgeous deep burgundy color that leans brown at certain times which I like.

The holo is more of a scattered holo but it is gorgeous non the less. I really like the holos that aren't so in your face holo. I like all holos actually. I will open my home to all of them regardless of their holo strength.

This applied very nicely which made me happy. I believe this one would have only needed two coats if I had applied it more carefully.

I love Nabi polishes. They are inexpensive and the ones I have all have a good formula and application. I really like the price point too. I just wish I could find a place that has them locally.

I wore this mani for a couple of days trying to get some sunlight pictures. When the sun finally came out I had chipped nails but I wanted to show you some sun pictures anyway.

I had found this holo bar glitter polish from Sinful Colors on one of my Walgreens recon missions. I make my rounds often to make sure I don't miss things. This one is called Silver Rainbows. I have no idea what collection this is from because it was just randomly thrown in a pile with some other colors.

It is super pretty though. I almost didn't buy it but I can't resist holo very well.

I used one coat as an accent nail just because I wanted to use it.

I don't think you can ever have too much sparkle, rainbows and holo.

I love Tawny. It makes me think of a cozy sweater and hot cocoa. That could just be due to the fireplace conversation I was just having or my desire for all things winter. Either way I really do enjoy this color.

That's all for now :) 

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