Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Well, it is after Christmas so I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Today my boss let us leave early. Even more shocking was that we don't have to show up tomorrow either. Monday we will probably leave early too if it is as slow as it has been. Let's hope. I am so excited to be off tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow he remembers that he told us not to come in. I believe there was wine involved with that decision.

I am going to post lots of pictures but probably not write a whole lot for the rest of the year. I want to get the holiday manis posted but I am also just being holiday lazy too. 

Today I have for you the gorgeous CrowsToes Blue Christmas from the 2012 Crowsmas collection. It is a gorgeous glitter. 

I used three coats over China Glaze So Blue Without You from their 2013 Happy Holiglaze Collection.

I loved this polish so much I did the mani twice since the first time I got major chipping really quickly.

I have been having a base coat and shrinkage problem lately. I can't tell if it is due to my nails being bendy and peely or the base coat.

I wanted to change it up a bit do I did my tips with Zoya Trixie.

I immediately regretted doing my tips. I didn't like how it came out. I attempted three different manis using Blue Christmas as a base and didn't like any of them. I stopped trying to redo them after doing these tips because I realized I just wasn't going to win.

I can not get this polish to photograph as awesome as it looks in person. Trust me, it is even prettier in person.

That's all for now :)


  1. Merry belated Christmas to you, too! The tips look fine to me. :)

  2. this is going to sound crazy-- but if you still have this polish and are willing to sell it, I would LOVE to buy it from you. My friend needs it to complete her CrowsToes collection and I'm trying to surprise her!!


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