Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sitting Tonight Out

Hey Everyone! Ok I am actually laying this one out. As soon as I got home tonight the coughing got so bad there were tears and headache and sore throat and general misery. I couldn't even finish dinner because I was coughing my lungs up. Then dear bf said he heard a story about a lady that actually DID cough her lungs up. Um, thanks for that. Men! The coughing is starting to ease up now that I have gone through a huge cup of water and several cough drops. I got the Mucinex DM in my system and am hoping I will be able to sleep tonight. If not maybe I will come post in the middle of the night. lol. I was actually thinking maybe I need to see a doctor. THAT NEVER HAPPENS lol. We will see. For now I am going to go back to the couch and try to keep my lungs in my chest. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Go see a doctor. You need meds.

  2. If I don't feel at least a bit better I am going to the doc. Right now I am ok but am having the occasional coughing fits which are fun. Stupid germs.


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