Friday, January 27, 2012

Sapphires are so Pretty

Hey Everyone! I am feeling a bit better today. I did get sent home from work early though. My boss was tired of hearing me cough I think lol I was having some coughing fits here and there. I think the second customer I put on hold to have a coughing fit sealed the deal for me lol. SO I came home and relaxed a bit, made homemade meatball subs complete with homemade marinara sauce and coconut cake balls for desert. At least I was productive. :) 

So today I have another OPI Designer Series polish for you. This one is DS Sapphire. I used one coat of Sapphire over a dark blue that I can not for the life of me remember what it is. Blame the coughing for rattling my brain too much. I usually don't forget these things. I did it at work because my mani was chipping and looking ragged so the cleanup is lacking.

The inside pictures are mostly with flash because the flash kept going off despite it being nice and bright in the office.

My brother has a little telescope and was just mentioning that you could see Jupiter tonight. Me and my brilliance over medicated over excited self tells the bf don't you want to go see Jupiter in the telescope with all the rings. DUH that would be Saturn smarty pants. lol

So back to Sapphire this baby was quite pretty both inside and in the sun. Sapphire doesn't seem to get the hype that the other OPI holos get but I thought it was pretty holo. 

It was super rainbowy in the sun. Yes I make up words all the time.

I took a ton of pictures because it was so pretty. It was also one of the few holos that I could actually get good sun pictures of.

Now I just need to figure out what the base color I used was. I am going to have to go look in my basket because it should still be in there. I can't believe I forgot but then again I also was thinking Jupiter had rings for a minute there.

So pretty.

I have some random other pictures for you but I am going to have to save that for another post. I am starting to cough again and I am worn out from coughing all day and making dinner. I think tomorrow should be a nice low key day. 

That's all for now :)


  1. But Jupiter does have rings!
    Just not easily visible.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally thinking of Saturn but still SO COOL! Thank you :) I just emailed my dad the link and made sure to tell everyone else that JUPITER DOES HAVE RINGS lol.

    Bruce says HI!!!


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