Sunday, January 29, 2012

Indigo and a Dragon

Hey Everyone! Happy random Sunday! I had a very low key Saturday where I helped put together a pantry for my mom. I am Bob the Builder lol I love doing those kind of things. Let me tell you this one came with awesome instructions, each different screw and hardware piece was labeled and packaged in a separate little bubble. It is awesome how far these companies have come. I remember years ago when my mom and I would try and assemble bookshelves and such and everything was in a bag for the consumer to sort out themselves. I am really impressed and now I want to put more things together lol. Bruce was helping us build and supervising the whole process. I should have pictures of that coming up. 

My cold is getting better though I still have some congestion and coughing. I fear it is going to stick around awhile but it is good to be feeling better. 

Today I have the mani I did before adding OPI DS Sapphire to it. I finally remembered what it was. I used Zoya Indigo for the mani. I absolutely LOVE Zoya and this polish looks insane in the bottle but unfortunately does not translate to the nail as well.

I believe this was two coats. I took these pictures before putting Sapphire on top and you can see the tip wear and raggedness I was talking about. I won't even show you the other hand. 

In the bottle Indigo has tons of holo micro glitter in it. You can see a little sparkle here or there in the pictures because of the flash but in real life unless you are in the sun or very lucky the glitter is not very noticeable. I knew this before buying it but I still loved it and couldn't resist. I just wish it looked as awesome on the nail as it does in the bottle.

I still really like the shade of blue so I am not completely disappointed. It is a very pretty color.

I also have pictures of the dragon I crocheted for the bf's daughter. He is a cute little dragon. It took me longer than it should have because I had run out of the yarn and had to wait to go up to Michaels to get more. The store isn't all that close to where I live.

I finally finished it though and gave it to her right before she went back home. She loved it so it worked out well. 

That's all for now :)


  1. The dragon is so cute! I would love to learn how to make such things!

    1. Thanks :) You should give it a try! I love crocheting. There are tons of free patterns online so you could find something easier to start off with. I used a lot of youtube videos to teach me some of the stitches I didn't know.

  2. That dragon is redonkulously cute!


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