Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hare Bisbee

Hey Everyone!! Ok. I do NOT have a dog attached to me at this moment. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior has this ginormous puppy scared for his life. The puppy spent the day with me at work and when we got home he would NOT come in the front door because Bruce was standing in the hallway. It is actually quite funny that the big ol dog is afraid of little Bruce but not surprising. Bruce runs the roost! He is at least getting closer to puppy now and acting like he wants to grab his awesome tail but he still doesn't like puppy. He does like dog tails though. He was just attacking Newey's tail. 

I have an awesome polish to show you today. I like supporting the little shops and people trying to make it in the world of big business and had heard about Hare polishes before but never got a chance to order when the shop was open. I was able to get my hands on two and quickly realized that I NEED THEM ALL!

This is the awesome Hare polish Bisbee. I used three coats with no underwear. I usually see swatches of this polish over a similar teal/turquoise base color but I wanted to see it on its own. 

It is a gorgeous squishy teal/turquoise shade with gold hex glitter. I am iffy on seeing my nail line sometimes but I didn't notice it because this polish is that pretty.

My cuticles and hands are dry because we have a cold front down here in South Florida. It has been in the 60s and my hands have been cold. I love the cold but I avoid things like putting lotion on my hands, drinking too much water and going into the cold bathroom when it is cold out. We also had the doors open at work (my doing) so it was cold inside. My poor cuticles are parched.

Anyway. I have gotten glitter everywhere when taking this polish off but that is ok. I don't mind glitter. I did notice a weird phenomenon when removing this polish. I have had this happen before with another polish but can not remember which one it was. The glitter leaves a strange brown spot on my nail. It comes off when I rub it with acetone but it is funny because I have spotted nails for a minute. 

I can't wait to try the other Hare polish. I also can't wait to get the rest of them. I will definitely be adding more Hare polishes to my collection as soon as possible.

Very pretty.

Here is another picture of puppy. 

Ok, in my warped little mind I had a great idea, put Bisbee over Zoya Trixie. It looked killer in my mind but not so much on my fingers. This picture is two coats of Bisbee over two coats of Trixie. 

I had some issues with the glitter getting stuck on my cuticles and when I moved them I messed up the polish around my cuticle. I was not thrilled with the results of this combo, especially when compared to my mental image.

I have no idea what I was smoking when I thought this would work lol. My ring finger on this hand was closer to what I envisioned but still not nearly as cool. This is three coats of Bisbee over the two Trixie.

Trixie made it look a bit frosty which is only good if you are a snowman. I am not. It still wasn't bad and I think that you would have to do a lot worse to make Bisbee look bad. 

That's All For Now :)


  1. Puppy is smart; he knows to respect the ninja.

    How about Bisbee over Charla? That might look good.

  2. Go Bruce!
    What about Bisbee over a green or gold?
    And that's the "cold weather" I've been hearing about?!

  3. I've actually converted Fahrenheit to Celsius and had a bit of a laugh. We have around 30 degrees (F) here and where I spent my new year's it was around 15. So imagine my effort to keep my hands and cuticles looking decent.

  4. I KNOW I KNOW it is not COLD here lol. I have lived in MI this is not cold but my hands don't know that lol. Our cold front that I loved every minute of is leaving now. :(

    @Mihaela I have no idea how you keep your hands and cuticles looking so good. I have three days of "cold" and they go from bad to worse.

    @Denise lol don't encourage him! lol he is actually coming closer to the puppy now but it is hilarious how he has this big puppy afraid of him. hmmm green or gold, I am going to have to try it. I will have to go find green AND gold because I can't decide which one would look better lol

    @Karen Puppy is smart lol Ninja could whip his butt in an instant. It was HILARIOUS last night because Bruce came running toward him stopped dead and got into scary halloween cat pose. That puppy backed up so fast he was sliding all over the place. Puppy must have looked at mr. ninja the wrong way because they were no where near each other lol Hmmm Charla, yes, we will try that one too!


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