Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! Ok, I am a day late but still. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. We didn't do anything special and were in bed by 12:17. The boyfriend had to work at 5:30am so we kept it low key. I have also been sick so I haven't felt like doing much. I took a nice LONG nap today which means I am really sick because usually I can't fall asleep during naps. I am hoping to start feeling better soon because I really do NOT want to go to the doctor. 

For my first mani of 2012 I have an awesome sparkly polish that was crazy glittery. We don't have this brand here in Florida that I have ever seen so I was super stoked to get this in my Christmas package. 

Studio M Purple Medallion. GORGEOUS crazy holo glittery goodness. 

I took this one in the car so it is a little darker purple than it is in the light. It has tons of holo glitter that sparkle like crazy. It reminds me of a raspberry jam. A very holoy raspberry jam lol.

I used two coats.

If I held my hand up in the sun you could see the nail line but you couldn't see that just looking at them.

These pictures are inside with flash.

Gorgeous red purple berry color. The glitter in this is just awesome. 

You can see the glitter really shows its holo in the flash and even when it is not showing off all that holo the glitter sparkles so pretty. I love this polish. It was a great way to start of the New Year!

I also finished my prototype dog collar crochet project. I made this in hopes it would work for the Greyhounds at the kennel. Over all it came out good but I do need to make some modifications. It was a prototype so I knew it was probably going to need adjustment.

Everyone that saw it loved it though.

Super cute and it was fun to make.

I have to work on adjusting it.

Of course you know I had to get a dog to model it. This is BB wearing it for me. She was still in her crate so the pictures didn't come out great. 

But she is a sweetheart so I had to include pictures of her. I just met her this weekend but she is a doll. So sweet and she gives hugs.

That's all for now :)


  1. Happy new year! Love the sparkly mani and the cute dog! Btw, I gave you the kreativ blogger award. Check my blog!

  2. Happy New Year to you!!! Thank you from both BB and I :) I will tell her she is a hit on my blog. More than likely she will not even have a clue what I am saying but she will enjoy to attention :)

    THANK YOU for the award! Super cool! I will go check it out as soon as I can work my way out of this pile of mailings I have to do. :)


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