Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Delay in Posting

Hey Everyone!!! I have an awesome mani to show you but I am going to have to delay that posting until tomorrow. I had planned on writing it up tonight but we have an unexpected visitor. My brother found a dog running the neighborhood today. It followed him in our front courtyard. He had seen the dog a couple times in the past two days along one of the very busy roads by the house. Since it is pretty cold outside (for Florida) and we can't let him run the busy streets and risk getting hit he is in our living room. He is quite a cute puppy with tons of energy. The only problems are he keeps trying to hump our dogs and Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior hates him. That is slightly surprising because Bruce LOVES all the Greyhounds we bring home. 

SO I have been baby sitting this guy most of the night because we can't leave him alone. I was able to get the pictures cropped and watermarked but I want to actually write up the polish and I can't focus on that right now. Since I am bailing on posting about polish I have some pictures of the cute puppy. Tomorrow he is going to the vet to check for a microchip. I am pretty doubtful that he has one though.

Here he is finally laying down for a minute.

And this is him trying to get some attention. He is quite the cutie and usually doesn't have his ears back but of course I couldn't get a good picture of him with his ears.

And here is Bruce sitting on the stairs peeking around the wall. He was keeping an eye on the dog. He was also taunting him. The dog wants to play with him and Bruce is sitting right where the dog can see him. If the dog goes near Bruce he looks like a Halloween cat, hisses and swats. Bruce is not impressed. 

That's all for now :)


  1. So cute! I love that you have so many animals around the house and love watching how they interact. I've always had just one dog at a time because I was afraid more dogs or cats wouldn't get along.

  2. Lol our house is like a zoo. At most we had four dogs, a guinea pig and a snake. Right now we have two dogs, Bruce, snake and this puppy. We have never have just one dog because we either find a stray that ends up staying OR don't want them to be lonely. This is the ONLY dog that Bruce has had an issue with and the bf brings Greyhounds over all the time. The dogs don't always get along with new visitors but mostly they are good about it.


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