Thursday, January 19, 2012

It is Magic!

Hey Everyone! Tonight has been quite the night. I am getting this off late but at least I am getting it posted :) The bf and my father are on a 20 hour trip to North Florida and back to take some dogs up so they have been gone all day. The animals have been totally nuts! Bruce has been crazy tonight. He is the funniest thing. I was just talking to him and he plopped down on the ground. I said something to him and he opens and closes his mouth like he was talking back. So I said something else and he did the same thing. We repeated this a couple times before he got bored with me. He is such a silly cat. I was also showing my son his little trick. It isn't really a trick but it is funny anyway. I am an awful singer but when I sing Bruce comes over and gets in my face. It is the strangest thing. He doesn't do it EVERY time but he does it fairly regularly. I have no idea what that is about but it is really funny. 

Our dear puppy friend was NOT having such a cute and funny night. We thought he was house broken but either he isn't or he is just being a jerk because he was crated today while we were at work. I have cleaned up three separate incidents. Sigh. Puppies! He goes to get neutered Monday and he meets the family on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that they love him and he can find his forever home with them.

Ok, I need to take a quick shower so I need to speed things up here. Today I have a gorgeous blue from the OPI Designer Series. DS Magic was released Fall 2010 and not quite what I think of when I think of OPI DS. Usually I think of the gorgeous holo polishes that make up most of the DS line but when I saw this one I knew holo or not I needed it. 

Magic is more of a glass fleck polish and has a nice little duochrome to it. The polish is a gorgeous blue color with flashes of purple that you can see a bit of in the picture above.

I believe I used two coats and I believe I kept thinking I should have used three. You can see a bit of visible nail line especially in the pictures where the flash went off like the one above.

I tried very hard to get the purple flashes but it wasn't easy to capture on camera.

I took a TON of pictures of this polish. I really like it. 

It is quite twinkly.

I love this blurred picture because you can see the polish twinkle.

I love blues and I love this shade of blue. I know that there are a couple other polishes that are close like Orly Lunar Eclipse.

I actually have that one so I am going to have to do a side by side comp at some point. 

Ok now I have to go chase Bruce. He stole a graham cracker package from the top of the refrigerator. 

That's all for now :)


  1. So pretty! I need to get my bottle of Magic open.
    Bruce is quite the little mischief maker, isn't he?

  2. LOL, Bruce is too funny.

    Magic is really pretty, it suits you so well! xoxo

  3. Thanks :) It really is a pretty polish.

    Bruce is quite the trouble maker. He likes to get into things. He threw the newspaper all over the floor today because he didn't approve of it sitting on the table.


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