Monday, January 23, 2012

Its the Bisbee Remix

Hey Everyone!! I have a cold! Please do not get too close to the screen as I do not wish to infect you. I don't feel completely awful which is a great thing but I do feel sick. I am actually glad that I got this cold instead of the stupidness that I had last month with the sinus issues. 

I spent a wonderful day on my couch yesterday watching the playoffs. HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS?! I am super excited that the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. They have become my second team since I met the bf so I am excited from that perspective but also because I was not really enjoying the prospect of dealing with a very cranky Giants fan if they lost. He made me do my nails in the same way as I had them for last week's game. It was really cute because I had a green BB Couture polish on and kept showing him my nails and then I mentioned oh my Sunday nails and he flipped out because they weren't ready for the game. He momentarily lost sanity because it was the first game that was starting and not the Giants game. I ended up finishing them right before game time so he was happy. 

I have a better version of the mani in these pictures! I did ding my thumb finger and messed that one up but I rarely show my thumb so it was ok. 

I love the subtle holo that you can see through the NY decal.

Ok today I have for you another post with Hare Bisbee. I wanted to see how this baby would look layered over different color polishes. 

I love Bisbee.

I did two coats of Bisbee over skittles in different colors. I believe my thumbs had three because I used Jesse's Girl Blackout as the basecoat and it looked streaky with just two coats.

From Index finger to Pinky I used Revlon Expresso, Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, Revlon Emerald and Revlon Golden as the bases. I used three coats over Golden as well.

I thought it was crazy how much the colors changed depending on the base. I probably should have expected it but for whatever reason I was still surprised lol.

My favorites were Bisbee over Emerald and Thinking of Blue. 

It was interesting how you couldn't even tell that the base under my index finger was brown except for where I messed it up and some of it showed through.

I think I like Bisbee best by itself but it does look really nice layered over different colors as well.

I also discovered I didn't really dig the whole skittle mani. It bothered me that my nails didn't all match and weren't all the same color. I am not sure if it was just the colors I chose for the base or skittles in general. I am going to have to give it another try. I also realize tonight that I HATE T-mobile! I have phone issues and they are not very helpful. AT ALL!

That's all for now :)


  1. Oh, your NYG mani turned out great! And it must have been good luck for them. We're happy to have them here for the Superbowl. Peyton just did an interview talking about how he's making dinner reservations for Eli and the Giants. Isn't he just adorable? Indy will be like little New York for a week!

    1. THANK YOU!!! Apparently it is good luck or at least not trivial enough to chance because I am REQUIRED to do the same mani for the SuperBowl. lol
      I love Peyton, please tell him NOT to retire or get traded. Man, I WISH I was in Indy for that week! I saw a cute story on the Manning bros and Eli said that whenever Peyton has his Giants players out for dinner he always tries to get inside information on them. lol it was funny.

  2. Love the Giants mani, where did you find the Giants decal?

  3. Thanks :) I got he decals on ebay from this store
    Lori is awesome and gets them shipped out to you really quickly.


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