Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Baaack with a Mani!

Hey Everyone!!!! I am so excited that the computer FINALLY has internet again. FINALLY! Though I enjoyed being internet lazy I missed my blog. I was able to access a lot of things on my dinosaur laptop and phone but what I could actually do was limited. I am not very technologically advanced over here lol. 

So lets see, the puppy is still here, Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior is still being crazy and the famous Twiggy that I have posted pictures of before has gotten a home. The bf is very much not thrilled that Twiggy has gotten a home because he was hoping that she would be able to come live with us. At the same time it is good that she is going to a home so it is bittersweet.

I have a ton of polishes on my radar including a few brands that I have never tried before. I am really excited about some collections coming out as well as possibly doing theme weeks or days or something different. We will see. I have a lot of ideas. 

Today I have for you my NFL Playoff mani that I did for Sunday's game. My bf is a HUGE NY Giants fan so you know I had to do some NY Giants nails. 

These pictures were taken Monday so there is a ton of tip wear and some dings. The middle finger on my right hand was AWFUL! I did my nails before going to the kennel in somewhat of a rush. Well, of course, since I was in a rush I somehow messed up the tip when I was putting my shirt on. Note to self: put your shirt on first stoooopid! So I just touched up the blue and red and put a fresh coat of SV on there.

Yeah, it would have been fine BUT my dad brought the puppy to the kennel and little mr. puppy does not like to get in cars. I had to pick him up and force him in the car which just made a mess of it. 

So I used Catherine Arley, Milani and a Sinful Colors striper. I used the nail decals I got from Luckystarstyle. It was quite a festive mani and the bf loved it.

I can't say that I was surprised that the Giants won because I had a feeling that they were going to do good. I am quite surprised that the Packers played the way they did and that they lost. Up until Sunday I was a firm believer in the Packers and was picking them to take the Super Bowl. Crazy how the tide turns.

SO the bf has told me that I HAVE TO wear this mani again next week. HAVE TO. I can't even change anything about it I HAVE to do it the same lol. He was also threatening to make me wear the same clothes too lol.

It is good to be back :) I am super excited to have my computer back lol

That's all for now :)


  1. Welcome back! I have the same problem of messing up my mani while dressing. I find that the fastest way to do it is by putting on socks. Love the mani! Your lines are so neat! And I love themed manis too.

  2. Thank you, thank you :) I am glad I am back!!! So excited.

    I am ok with socks, SHOES are a big problem with me. Apparently shirts are too. I love themed manis IF I can come up with a good theme lol


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