Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Internet Woes

Hey Everyone! Ok, first I gotta say that this new layout Blogger has totally has baffled me. I think I just stared at the screen for about 5 minutes. I didn't know that there was going to be a change and it caught me completely off guard. It is like getting a new phone. I don't know where anything is or what anything does anymore. It took me a minute to figure out how to post a new post. This should be, um, interesting.

Next manner of business is my disappearance. I have an extremely brilliant brother who decided in conjunction with my mother that the living room needed to be rearranged. Saturday they tore the room apart and rearranged it. I won't even get into how they unhooked cable and internet to the house on Wildcard weekend which almost ended in violence. My brother was smart enough to hook the cable back up in time for me to watch the late playoff game. He lives another day. He was NOT smart enough to realize that the cable that connects the computer to the internet was not long enough to reach the computer's new home. This boy is an engineer too. Uh YEAH! So we are without internet to the computer that houses my photoshop software, my camera software and all my files and stuff. He is also NOT smart enough to go out and get a longer cable so the internet is still not working. On a side note he also unplugged something and ended up killing off the house phone for a few days which we didn't notice at first.

I attempted to post this last night from my phone but it really is NOT a smart phone. They told it that it was because they didn't want to make it feel bad when it was sitting next to all the other smart phones. They lied because the thing is dumber than dirt. I could type a title but not in the post box. I need some better technology. SO since my laptop is a dinosaur and asking it to edit pictures and stuff would be like asking a 90 year old to complete a triathlon in less than 2 hours and I have been buried under papers at work this week I am going to have to just suck it up and postpone posts for the week. If the internet is not on by Friday I will personally figure it out and reconnect Saturday when I am off work. I may or may not also use the cable to teach dear moron a lesson :)

That's all for now :)


  1. I heard about this new blogger and am not looking forward to when they force me to switch.

    Sorry about your substandard IT services department at home--hope you're back up soonest!

  2. It took a week but FINALLY back up. OF course you know my brother threw the cable at me while I was sitting on the couch and said here is your cable to connect to the internet. Um, ok WHERE does it go? Since I didn't want to destroy anything or cut us off from phone service I left it there till he decided to be nice and hook it up. BOYS!!!!

    I am really not digging the new blogger. It took me 20 minutes to get a blog that I was already following to show up on the list. STOOPID


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