Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Blues IrisColors Shooting Star

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Monday! I am trying not to wish the days away but I really didn't have a long enough weekend and would like a day off! I know, the week has just started, but I didn't get much sleep last night so I am tired. There is no school both Friday and Monday but I doubt I will be able to take one of them off as my boss just had surgery. Bummer. I am just looking forward to getting through today without falling asleep at this point.

I almost missed today's Monday Blues (again) because I totally forgot to get a blue mani prepared. Luckily I had this one in my drafts that I could fall back on. 

Today I have a polish from a new to me brand of polish called IrisColors. A friend sent me two polishes from this brand in one of my packages. I have never seen this brand locally and there wasn't much information out there that I could find on the brand. They do have a facebook account which is what I linked you to and I emailed them looking for more information.

This is three coats of IrisColors Shooting Star. It is a gorgeous and very shimmery. The formula and application were great.

I used Vivid Lacquer Plate VL009 and black polish for the stamping. I love this image on VL009 because it creates a look similar to the polishes like OPI Black Spotted that were a mission to obtain. 

This was one of the last manis I did before my nails all broke on me. 

You can see some of the pretty shimmery sparkle from Shooting Star in the above picture.

I was so excited to get this plate because I had refused to try and get a hold of Black Spotted due to the cost and the difficulty. I am loving this image from the plate because I can actually use any color I want to get that same effect.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such a pretty blue! I'm not a big fan of the spotted effect but I guess a stamping plate is a lot better than paying a fortune for that polish. I have a Born Pretty plate that gives a similar effect, but instead of the round spots there are butterfly shapes. I need to use it for a mani and see how I like it.
    Hope you didn't fall asleep and you are able to get some rest soon!

    1. Thanks :) I managed to stay awake however apparently I knocked out so hard last night I was snoring. I still feel like I could use more sleep but at least I am alert and more awake now.

      I don't mind the spotted effect but I would in no way pay that much for that OPI. I like that I have the option of doing other colors with the plate. I haven't seen that plate on Born Pretty but now I am going to have to go check it out!


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