Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sarong so Right not Quite Right

Hey Everyone! I am going to make pumpkin bread tonight to help will it to be Fall here. I know it probably won't work but at least I will have yummy bread. It is quite breezy out but it is not cool enough at all to meet my expectations. It is the 13th of November and I can't get into the spirit of Fall because it is 80 degrees. Apparently there are already Christmas trees for sale too. Real, live, Christmas trees. IT IS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING WEEK YET!!!! I really hate how the holidays are being pushed on us earlier and earlier without regard to the actual current season or holiday that is next in line waiting patiently to shine. Poor Thanksgiving is getting completely over looked by early November Christmas Tree lots and stores decked out in Christmas junk. It also severely annoys me that all the polish displays in the drug stores have been moved out to stock stupid gift sets of perfume and junk that nobody wants to buy.
Today's mani is somewhat of a fail. I wanted to do a cool Fall mani but my colors didn't cooperate.

I tried to use that leafy like pattern on Bundle Monster plate BM-316 but it didn't go so well.

Bruce's face in this picture is perfect. He was not pleased with the camera in his face.That is pretty much the look I had when I realized this mani wasn't going to be what I had planned.

I started with Finger Paints Sarong so Right from their 2013 A Pair Affair collection. Sarong so Right is a really pretty coral orange with tiny scattered holo glitter. 

Sarong so Right wasn't as coral on me as it looks in the pictures. It is a gorgeous shade of orange and was the first polish to grab my attention when I saw the display.

I used Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Hologram polish in Tawny for the stamping. I hadn't tried using Tawny before trying to stamp with it which was my first mistake. As you can see it didn't stamp very dark so if you didn't look close you could totally miss it.

In certain lights, at certain angles Tawny showed itself more but the detail on the image was lost. 

I have Tawny on today and I love it but it isn't one of those polishes that I would use again for stamping unless I want something very subtle that won't be easily seen.

My Fall mani didn't come out very Fall-like but you can't really go wrong with Sarong so Right. 

I love that the holo in this polish isn't so in your face and instead gives it a nice soft look.

That's all for now :)


  1. I missed Bruce!! Glad to see him so early in the morning. Makes my day start better.
    I think I tried using this image once and it didn't stamp well at all. I've noticed that some of my Bundle Monster plates are impossible to use because they are too shallow. Not sure if that's the case with yours or it's just the polish you stamped with. Anyway, I love the base color!
    We are not that crazy with Christmas decorations over here, in fact a lot of people only decorate the tree on Christmas eve. I've still seen decorations here and there in stores though. I guess it's only capitalism's fault.

    1. Lol I need to take more pictures of the animals and post them more often. They are so funny and love the attention.

      I have some issues with plates but I chalk it up to operator error and not the plate. I might have to look more into it because maybe I am not the idiot and it actually is the plate. I am going to start a huge project where I stamp all the images into a notebook or something so that instead of having to drag out all my plates I can just flip through a notebook to see what images I want to use. We will see how that project works lol I still haven't finished project organize the polish.

      It is definitely capitalism's fault!! I swear I almost flipped out when I drove by the store this morning and saw the Christmas trees out. I do NOT want to buy a Christmas tree in early November. I think it would be nice to decorate the tree on Christmas eve, I think that would be a great tradition to have.


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