Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hey Everyone!! I am a little late posting this one. I actually did this mani for the Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos. It is celebrated Nov 1-2 so as you can see I am a bit behind. 

I started with three coats of Funky Fingers Jawbreaker. My wonderful friend sent this to me for my birthday and it is one of the first ones I used. It is quite fun with all of the different color glitter in a white base.

I don't always enjoy multi colored glitters but this one I love. I think I prefer matte glitter in the multi glitter scheme of things. 

I really loved the yellow glitter and the white base. I love this polish and was super psyched to get it because we don't have any Five Below stores here. 

I then topped my accent nail with OPI Ski Slope Sweetie from the 2013 Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. This one was also in my birthday package and I love it. I love how cool it made my accent nail look.

I used sugar skull decals that I had bought long ago from LuckyStarStyle. I just realized in looking for their link that not only do they now have a reglar website here in addition to their ebay shop but they also now offer Free Shipping. This could be very bad for my wallet as I used to use the shipping cost to deter me from ordering too much.

I have a feeling I know where I will be going after I write up this post.

I really like how Ski Slope Sweetie looked through the decal.

Today seems to be dragging on quite a bit. I am ready to go home. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Love that accent nail! I might have to get that OPI--I got so overwhelmed by seeing 18 new polishes in three different displays when Ulta put out the new Mariah Carey stuff that I left emptyhanded (but with display pics in my camera, of course).

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I got overwhelmed by all the red and pretty much wrote the whole collection off. Doesn't help that I am not a Mariah fan. I do love this one though so I am happy that someone else looked at the collection for me lol

  2. Fantastic! So many sugar skull images on plates now and of course, I didn't do a Day of the Dead mani this year. But there's always next year...or just because!

    1. Thank you :) Lol I would do one just because!! I don't have any of the plates with the sugar skull images yet sadly but I have been waiting for a reason to use these decals. I actually didn't even think of using them for Day of the Dead until Halloween so I almost missed it too.


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