Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday Mani for T!

Hey Everyone!!! Today is an especially blah Monday. I am tired. I stayed up way too late watching the Denver vs. Patriots game last night. I also ate way too much junk over the weekend that my tummy was not happy with so I was up and unable to sleep last night. I am really tired today. T turned 15 years old yesterday, FIFTEEN!!! I can't believe he is 15 already. It feels like he was just a itty bitty turkey baby not that long ago. He started off as a 28 week 2lb 10oz 15 inch baby and is now taller than I am and doing wonderfully. He actually made superior honor roll last quarter and gets to go to an honor roll breakfast Wed. I am a proud mama. He won't be with me this year for Thanksgiving and I am not thrilled about the fact that not only will he not be home but he will be traveling with his father upstate for the weekend. I always worry when he travels. 

I did a birthday mani to celebrate the big 15 this weekend. It didn't come out quite as I had hoped but it did bring me to the realization that I need to get some stamping polishes. I still thought the mani was cute and festive.

I used a base of China Glaze Fairy Dust so get some sparkle in the mani. I used two coats of Fairy Dust. I used various other colors for the stamping, most of them where striping polishes from Sinful Colors.

I used Bundle Monster plates BM-H19 and BM-H20 for the designs.

My pinkies have the party hat design but the colors I used didn't show up very well. I used balloons on my ring fingers, happy birthday on my middle and the candles on my index fingers.

I painted the flame on the candle because once again the polish I used for stamping didn't show very well.

I had to post my birthday mani in front of T's birthday Derby Pie. He wasn't feeling well after dinner so he didn't get any of the pie yet. Don't feel too bad for the boy though, I had made him a cake on Saturday for his little birthday celebration with his friend. 

I love this Bundle Monster plate set! I can't wait to use all the holiday designs. I am so excited to now have birthday plates!

That's all for now :)

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