Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pink Goes Good with Green

Hey Everyone!!! I got very little sleep last night so I just realized that I never finished the blog post earlier. I had it opened and was working on it when I got sidetracked and figured I would do it later. That is what I get for procrastinating! I am going to make it a quick one because C is outside waiting for me and I need to get the office closed up.

Today I have a very awesome polish for you from Smitten Polish. This mani was done before all my nails broke so they are nice and pointy. I miss them.

Pink Goes Good with Green is from the Wickedly Smitten collection Noelie made inspired by the musical Wicked. I have not seen the musical yet but have heard raves about it. 

I used three coats for this mani. It is a gorgeous milky green base with different sizes of light green and pink glitter. The application was easy and it applied nicely.

I really liked the glitter colors chosen for this one. C said it looked like a Robin Egg. I think it will definitely work very nicely for a Spring mani.

Since I can't have chocolate now due to my stupid stomach issues just the mention of Robins Eggs has me wanting some candy.

It has been really windy here the past few days which has made it cooler out. It is raining right now too so I am totally feeling like it is fall. I love fall! Hopefully it inspires me to wear some Fall hues.

Things might be touch and go for a bit. Last night I had some anxiety issues and didn't feel up to redoing my nails or editing photos for the blog. I also hardly slept last night due to stomach things so it is getting rather hectic. I will definitely try and keep up with daily posting but until we get my stomach situation under control I can't guarantee I will be consistent. I go back to the doctor Tuesday and we will see where we go from there. 

That's all for now :)


  1. That's a neat plate design--does look like the spotted effect but certainly more reliable!

    1. Hmm I never thought of it that way but it does have to be more reliable since it is a set pattern. The image is really long too so you don't have to use the same area on each nail and can make each nail look a little different.


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