Thursday, November 21, 2013

Epidote and Quartz Monzonite and more.

Hey Everyone!!! Is it Friday yet? I can't believe it is already almost Thanksgiving. Where is the time going? My baby's birthday is this weekend and he is turning, gasp, 15! I can't even believe it. Today I have a mish mash post for you all.

First up I have a recent picture of Charlie the broken puppy. He is all better, physically anyway. He is nuts. Completely crazy. I love him though and he can be super sweet when he isn't being a maniac. He loves stuffed animals and prances, yes prances, around with his babies proudly showing them off. He is a nut.

I was supposed to include these pictures in the post I did for Elevation Polish Epidote but they weren't edited at the time. I wanted to try Elevation Quartz Monsonite so I used it as an accent nail for my Epidote mani.

I love this combination so much. Quartz Monsonite is a great glitter topper that features an array of colors. It has wine, black, gray and neon microglitter and a red shimmer. I love that polish. I need to try it over all different bases but I did like this combination a lot.

I wasn't able to get any sun shots but you can see the holo in Epidote inside too.

I really love this combination of colors but would never have thought to put the neon yellow in there. I am so glad Lulu is smarter than I am. 

I think I need to try this over a nude or gray base next.

I love this combination so much I made some earrings out of it. 

I had started to make my nails pointy again but then all my points broke off. I am having a wicked case of peelies and my nails are horrific. I have no idea what to do with them at this point. I am considering a gel mani which would be on the boring side for the blog but might help them grow and not break. We will see.

Another one of my polish jewelry projects was a couple of pendants. For some reason H is way too into the mustache thing and wants all things mustache. I decided since her favorite color was purple I would make her a polish pendant with a mustache. 

I was talking to a friend and her daughter is about the same age and H and also heavily into the mustache scene. She even had her birthday party with a mustache theme. I made her the pink pendant since her favorite color is pink.

If someone could explain to me what the deal with these teeny boppers and mustaches is I would be happy to hear an explanation. When I asked H she has no answer she just likes them. I told my mom about this fad and she about fell off the couch. I am thinking maybe we should start a fad where everyone likes big toes and make millions of dollars with big toe merchandise. Seriously, we could make it happen! I mean, mustaches? Why not big toes? And remember I said it here first so don't steal my big toe idea!!! 

That's all for now :)


  1. Charlie is very handsome. :)

    I told myself I couldn't buy any more Elevation until I'd tried the ones I have. Too bad, as that green is really nice!

    1. Charlie thanks you :)

      It is so funny Bruce and him chase each other around the house. They are a bunch of crazies.

      You have much greater self control than I do! I think I ordered 2 polishes three different times then bought several from a blog sale before I had even tried one. I love the ones I have tried so far.


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