Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone!! Happy Halloween!!! I kinda love Halloween even though I am not really into it this year. I would have done way more manis if I was in the spirit but I did manage to get a few done. My actual mani that is on my nails today is quite sad but I was not feeling the best last night so I didn't get around to the stamping. I am really hoping that November brings better things. Like Pumpkin bread! I am so bummed over all of the diet restrictions that my stomach is causing. I like spicy food...and chocolate!! 

First up we have Sinful Colors Black Magic which appeared in an endcap display for Halloween this year. Oddly enough all of the holiday polishes appeared in that same display. I will get to those later.

I used three coats of Black Magic which is a pretty cool charcoal glitter that has a great amount of orange glitter mixed in there. I love orange.

I then used Bundle Monster plate BM-223 and white stamping polish to make my little ghosts. I went over the ghosts with glow in the dark polish but you can't really tell. 

When I went over the white with Ghoulish Glow it apparently thinned the white out a little bit in some spots. My poor ghosts are pretty sheer in some areas. I guess since they are ghosts that is ok

This was the first Halloween mani I did and luckily the next ones were a little better.

I used Sinful Colors Cold Leather as the background on all my nails but my ring finger. I thought a blue background would look night like. I used three coats of Cold Leather. 

I used three coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow on my ring finger and then did my tips with Sinful Colors Spiked Ice from their upcoming holiday collection. 

I used a dotting tool and white, black and Ghoulish Glow to make the eyes. It was really cute when they would glow in the dark but I couldn't get a picture of it no matter how hard I tried. 

I used my little skeleton water slide decals that I bought from LuckyStarStyle on ebay. I love their decals and I just noticed they have minions now! 

I loved this mani and actually still have my ring finger skeletons on for today's mani. 

The last Halloween mani I have to show you was also one I really liked. I started with a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri No S-pear Time from their Fall collection. I actually got this on clearance at Target though I can't believe the fall polishes were already on clearance.

I did the saran wrap technique with Maybelline Classic Camel over No S-pear Time. I think I was a little heavy handed with the plastic wrap but it gave it an interesting look.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-222 and black polish to stamp the pumpkins. I filled in the eyes and mouth with a neon yellow polish and Ghoulish Glow so they would glow like a jack o lantern.

I have a thing for glow in the dark polish as you can tell. I also love the pumpkins as they are super cute and very fun. 

I had done another mani but it chipped before I was able to photograph it. Too much baking, shopping and cleaning took care of that mani. I might recreate it soon because it was cute and it glowed. 

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!!

That's all for now :)

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