Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Ton of Vacation Pictures

Hey Everyone!!! Tonight I have something different for you. Tonight I have a ton of pictures from my Ft. Myers trip last weekend. 

The kittens got to go on their first trip! I love them, that is a slight problem because I can't keep them. I love them though.

Bruce HATED vacation a lot! He really really hates the kittens. He was happy when he finally realized he could sit in the window and look out though.

We went to Manatee Park to try and see some Manatees but this is pretty much the only one we saw.

Some of Florida is not beachy and is more swampy or Everglades. Still no Manatee though.

I know you guys want to see the beach!

We tried to see the sunset on the west coast but the clouds were in the way.

It had rained that day and the water was a lot colder than I anticipated. We didn't go to get in the water just to see it.

We were going to go earlier so my son could get in the water but it rained most of the afternoon.

This looked so much cooler in person.

They had cool shells over there.

LOTS of them!

Very cool looking beach house.

I love this picture for some reason.

This one too.

Stupid clouds in the sunset's way.

Those little birds were so cool. They ran super fast.

I like the way the sun hits the water. 

We went to a strange little mini golf place that had some strange gorillas.

This guy wanted a hug.

I also got my anniversary present this weekend...



That's all for now :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And, I those are some beautiful pictures!

  2. I'll congratulate you here, too--but first--oh my gosh oh my gosh those kittens!!! :) But seriously, congratulations! Will Bruce be your ring bearer? That would liven up the wedding for sure. ;)

    1. Thank you Karen!!! Lol OMG yes the kittens are so cute. Would you like them?! lol I am sure they would LOVE to live with you ;)

      I would love for Bruce to be the ring bearer lol it would add some excitement. I doubt that would work real well though. He would probably end up hiding somewhere and hissing at everyone and everything.

  3. Congratulations! The ring is really beautiful. So feminine and pretty. I love the kittens and all the previous blue mani's although I didn't get to comment on all of them.


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