Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Buy or Not to Buy...NOT To Buy

Hey Everyone!!! I have a cat in my lap. He didn't want to sit on the couch by himself and whined until I went over and got him. He is sooo spoiled. He says hello and wants to let you know he is my helper tonight, as long as he doesn't fall off my lap lol I just spent about an hour looking at blogs and commenting. I am so very behind and have about 400 posts in my reader. I don't use reader all the time but lately I have been using it at work. I think I might have to call it a day and mark them all as read and start over. I am so behind I might never catch up.

Today I have a nice Spring polish for you on the first day of Spring. I guess that worked out well because I totally didn't plan it.

Essie To Buy or Not to Buy from the 2012 Spring Navigate Her Collection.

Essie calls this polish a lavender with a shimmer. You can see the shimmer in this bottle shot a tiny bit. You see even less of it on the nail. IF you hold it at the right angle in the right light at the right time you can see a tiny bit of shimmer on the nail but if you blink it is gone.

If I was staring at this polish in the store again wondering To Buy or Not to Buy I would definitely NOT buy it again. I was frustrated and infuriated to no end with this polish.

This took FOUR coats which I do not enjoy doing. I let each coat dry for quite a bit of time before moving on to the next step so not only did this mani take forever but I still wasn't happy with some of the spots that could have used a fifth coat.

It was pretty hard to get this to photograph accurately too. I don't know if it was this whole collection or Essie in general doesn't play nice with me but I had some awful problems with Navigate Her as well. I am going to have to do some testing with my other Essie polishes to determine if all of them hate me or just the ones from this collection.

The polish itself is a very pretty color but without the shimmer it doesn't feel very unique to me.

It is very Spring like and perfect for this time of year.

I stamped over this mani but I am going to make that a separate post because I can. lol I didn't want to overload this one with pictures so I figured I would break it up. 

I do have a picture of my latest crochet projects. 

I am participating in an Easter exchange and the person I got likes minions so I made her a minion. I saw these peeps and had to make a million of them. The little eyes and mouths are a pain to sew on but they look so cute. I have about 16 more peeps to put eyes and mouths on and at least 6 more minions to make. Everyone saw the minions and wanted me to make them one lol Apparently destructo dog got a hold of one of my peeps somehow because there is a dead one on the floor that is all dirty and destroyed. I have no idea how he got a hold of it but I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce assisted.

That's all for now :)


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Essie, too! It seems to be their pastels that really suck for me! I absolutely adore your little crocheted Peeps, they are the cutest! I knit, and have recently picked up crocheting, too. I wish I could make things like that out of yarn!

    1. Now that I think about it the ones I do have trouble with are pastels. Maybe I should avoid those lol.

      Thank you :) Ohh, knitting looks hard! One day I want to learn how to knit but I don't think I am coordinated enough lol

  2. Aww, I'm sorry to read that TBONTB didn't play nice with you! I remember it as a good polish. And those minions are cute! :)

    1. Thanks :) Everyone loves the minions. I have to make ten of them now lol

      Hmmm, well I am glad it was good and behaved for you! It might just not like me. I know Butler Please was no problem at all so it isn't all Essie polishes that don't like me. At least that is a good thing lol

  3. I totally agree about this polish! It was a mess back when I first tried it and I didn't use it ever since. My Navigate Her was fine but this one was a disaster. So sheer and streaky. I have a bunch of Essies (around 10) and this is the only one I didn't like. The others have great formulas. I have the whole Navigate Her collection and even the peach one is ok.

    1. Oh that is interesting. I know this color definitely is not my friend. Neither is Navigate Her lol I might try that one again though with some thinner in it. A LOT of thinner! lol I was thinking and most of the other Essies I have used didn't have issues so hopefully it is just these two.


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