Monday, March 18, 2013

Smitten Greensleeves

Hey Everyone!! I have two more St. Patrick's Day manis to show you. This one is from Saturday and then I will show you my actual St. Patrick's Day mani either tonight or tomorrow. I still have to upload  the pictures on that one. I am really loving green right now and might have a couple more green manis before I switch over to more Easter like manis. Who can tell? I pretty much don't think too far in advance so I haven't even figured out what my next mani will be lol.

The polish I have for you today is actually from the 2012 Holiday Collection. I actually just recently ordered this polish in a frenzy before it was discontinued. When I realized it would be great for St. Patrick's Day I saved it until now.

Smitten Polish Greensleeves. Greensleeves happens to be one of my dad's favorite songs to listen to at Christmas time. Just for fun I think I will play it now while I write this post.

Greensleeves is a gorgeous green jelly with awesome green shimmer as well as tons of little green and gold flakes. This polish is packed with awesomeness.

I only used two coats so there is a little bit of visible nail line, especially since this was outside and sunny.

Greensleeves dries on the satin side so I used top coat to make it nice and shiny.

I really liked the way it looked with two coats but thought about a third to make it more opaque. I opted against it because I loved the way it looked with two.

I love the way the flakies look in this picture.

Ignore my cuticles, they were parched. I even used some cuticle stuff. They seem to never be satisfied.

The full sunlight pictures show my uneven polishing, perhaps I should have gone for a third coat. It wasn't obvious in real life but macro loves to point out the mistakes.

Noelie hit it out of the park when she made this polish. I absolutely love it and already have ideas for it in the future.

That's all for now :)


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