Friday, March 8, 2013

Navigate Her away from Me!

Hey Everyone!!! We are back to green!!! I forgot my glasses today so please excuse anything that is mistyped. I can see without them, fear not I am not driving blind, but they are prescribed and I usually wear them all day. They are especially helpful with the computer which I work at all day so this should be fun lol. I have no idea how I forgot them, I guess because I put them with my polish and didn't even go dear that area this morning. Duh for me!! I am guessing I will have a headache by lunchtime. I figured I would post now so I don't have to worry about it later.

Today I have the green mani from hell version 1! It is version 1 because the next day I was working on another green mani that ended up also being from hell. I am happy to report though that the mani I have on now played nice and only gave me a little bit of issues. I am hoping the bad mani trend is over now.

I got plate M71 from the Born Pretty Store when they were doing a special and giving away this plate for free. Anything free works for me! I used the four leaf clover design.

For the mani I used Essie Navigate Her. I think it was 3 or 4 coats but honestly by the time I finished I didn't even remember. It was a bad night. I used Barielle Date Night for the stamping and Revlon Top Speed Golden for the dots.

Now, here is the EPIC FAIL of a design I originally was going to do. I didn't do clean up because this stayed on my nails for all of 30 seconds. I hated it. The idea is good but the four leaf clovers weren't very visible and the design in the back was not cooperating and ugh it was a mess. EPIC FAIL!

So I started again with a more simple design. THEN I had to start AGAIN because Navigate her was NOT drying and when I went to stamp it did not go well. Can I just say that I HATE THIS MANI!

The final look was ok but by the time I was finished I was over it.

Navigate Her and I are not friends at this point. She is lucky she didn't take a flight across the room with the way she was acting.

The formula wasn't cooperative. I don't know if thinner would help because it wasn't overly thick it just would NOT cooperate. I tried to let it dry for a bit between coats but I was still getting dragging and balding.

Date Night does stamp nicely as does Golden.

The mani is kinda cute I guess lol.

Since I had to subject you to the Epic Fail mani I am making up for it with a picture of Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. He looks like he is up to something doesn't he? He was a bit on the crazy side that day. He also managed to get a little tear in his shirt. He likes to attack Neil and Neil's claws get caught in Bruce's shirt and collar. Since Neil doesn't know how to work his claws and get unstuck Bruce usually manages to use Neil to get his collar and shirt off. He is way too smart.

That's all for now :)


  1. Aww, I love the end results! It was worth putting up with Navigate Her ;-)

    1. Thanks :) True it did make it a lot better when it turned out nice. I am still on the fence with Navigate Her though lol

  2. I personally love the final mani! Navigate Her is one of my favorite greens and I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you. I usually manage to get it right in 2 coats and that's what I love about it. I also love the clover design. Makes me feel sorry I didn't order the plate back when it was free.
    Bruce and Neil are so funny! Love them both!

    1. :) Thanks!! Hmmm I wonder if it just needs to be thinned or something. I am going to try thining it when I use it again. Maybe I will somehow incorporate it into another mani so I can try it again.

      Aww they both send kisses!!! Well, Neil licks so watch out, he has accidently licked my teeth before when I was laughing.

  3. The final look is very nice--sorry it was such a trial to get there!

    Bruce uses Neil as an undressing tool? So clever!

    1. Thanks :) yeah, it was a pita! lol I guess it is bound to happen from time to time.

      Lol yes he does! He is too darn smart!!


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