Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Does your Sexy Sundress do the Monster Mash?

Hey Everyone!! Thank goodness I have decent one handed typing skills because Captain Neil has decided he WILL sit with me at the computer. I only have one hand free so this could take awhile. 

Today I have a great green mani for you. I loved this one and kept it on for a couple days. 

Orly Monster Mash and Finger Paints Sexy Sundress. Monster Mash is a Flash Glam FX line and was from Orly's 2012 Halloween Spellbound collection. Sexy Sundress is from Finger Paints 2012 Summer in the City Summer collection.

I used Sexy Sundress as a base and then dabbed Monster Mash along the tips and up the side of each nail. It made for a funky french manicure type look with a kick.

I was very anti the Orly Flash Glam FX polishes and truth be told I only bought this because it was clearance on clearance time at Sally Beauty. Every single Flash Glam FX polish I have ever seen in store has been separated and cloudy with a lot, if not 90%, of the glitter sunken to the bottle. That pretty much turned me off the these polishes. This particular color does have the separating issue but the glitters didn't all sink.

I will say though that Monster Mash had always caught my eye because of the color and the little bar glitter. I actually was amazed by the sparkle that this polish shows off when it hits the light. It is really pretty and I am so glad I got it. Especially at the price I paid lol

Sexy Sundress is an awesome bright green. I was just in Sally the other day, big surprise, and was able to compare it to China Glaze Def Defying. I had wanted Def Defying from the 2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection but after putting it next to Sexy Sundress I found that I don't need it. They are pretty much dupes.  

I had to get some pictures in the sun so you could see the sparkle but it really didn't translate on camera. Trust me when I say this polish is worth it! So sparkly, so pretty.

I love these colors together and this was one of my favorite manis I had done recently. 

We happened to go to brunch with my dad's cousin and her husband. He is a dermatologist and was so very funny. He said to me in the middle of brunch that he has a very thick book at home filled with pictures on all the different nail fungus that are out there. When he goes home he can see if my nail fungus is in there if I wanted. I laughed so hard! THEN when we were in the parking lot talking he pointed out a car that was in the parking space near us that was almost the same color as Sexy Sundress. It was a very fun brunch!

I think I ended up wearing this mani all weekend which is shocking. 

Unfortunately when I took it off I found that it stained my gelish mani. I didn't use basecoat under this mani since I never put a basecoat on over gel manis. I am going to start though because this was CRAZY! 

I actually would have not even cared because it looked pretty even though it was stained but you can see the big chip on my index finger where the gel mani was lifting. It was actually my nail that peeled and took gel with it. This gel mani lasted 11 days which is pretty good for me. I am going to assume that Sexy Sundress is going to be a staining little beast so be careful if you wear it. Hmm now I wonder if Def Defying stains as well. If it is still there during clearance on clearance it might find itself coming home with me. In the name of science I must compare them and see if Def Defying stains! I have no willpower.

In a random note of the day I tried to organize my overflow this weekend. I have a rubbermaid tower with three drawers where the overflow lives. I think it is safe to say I need another helmer! 

AND because the day was so pretty Sunday I took a picture of the sky for you.

That's all for now :)


  1. Isn't it fun when someone in real life can relate to your choice of color. I like the pattern in which you applied your glitter. Nice stash!

    1. Yes it is! It is also fun when people notice and comment on your nails in real life. I don't get that much.

      Thank you :) I am planning on doing a complete stash organization in April and will have lots of pictures then. I am a little scared lol

  2. Love this mani! I'm glad that Def Defying is close to this FP. I didn't have trouble with Def Defying but I did use a base coat underneath. Oh and the glitter is very pretty, although I'm not a fan of the hairy stuff. Love the way you applied it!
    Hugs to Neil!

    1. :) I might end up with Def Defying even though they are pretty much dupes. I really love the China Glaze formula. Especially if it doesn't stain! I love the hairy glitter in moderation lol

      Neil sends kisses!


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