Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jaded Night meets Motley

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am writing this Friday. Yup, I already have that headache I figured I would get but I don't think it is from my glasses I think it is from my neck/shoulder. Tomorrow my son has an audition early in the morning. I hate getting up early on Satrudays! I have decided that I am going to try and do some polish organizing when we get back from the audition. I will be sure to take some stash pictures. Not sure how far I will get but hopefully I will accomplish something lol.

This was stupid, pain in the rear, mani number 2!

I used Revlon Jaded Night for the base. I think it was 3 coats to even everything out but I don't remember. I had to do this mani twice too. It wasn't a good week.

This is Jaded Night pre cleanup and pre flakies. I like the color. I wasn't thrilled with the weird discoloration of the polish in the bottle. You can see the yellowish weird discoloration around the top. I am guessing the color separated a bit? I am used to this happening with Finger Paints, their polishes always seep to separate.

I then put two? coats of Finger Paints Motley on top. I am pretty sure it was two coats.

I let the coats dry for a few minutes before proceeding but somehow I still had my index nail get messed up. Did I mention this mani was a pain in the rear?

It did look pretty and I kept it on for two days but that was due to time constraints more than the mani.

Oh, I just remembered why I had to redo this one twice! I tried to mattify it the first time. Yeah, that failed.

The matte top coats I have are from Kleancolor and Hard Candy. Kleancolor did not mattify it much at all. Huge disappointment. It was barely changed. Hard Candy made it more matte BUT it was thick and didn't dry and got smooshed and ruined a couple of nails.

It wasn't as matte as I had wanted and I just realized I have the Butter London matte coat that I should have tried. See, it was one of those days.

This mani didn't wow me nor did Jaded Night on it's own. I will try it again before I make a final decision. I bet it would stamp well though.

The flakies are pretty in the sun.

Two problem manis in a row made me dread doing the next one. I thought about just going with the gelish mani for a couple days but decided I needed to have more manis to show. I have too many greens to be skipping days because I don't want to deal with difficulties.

Since this mani was also somewhat of a fail I have a great picture of Captain Neil for you. He is such a floofy cat. I love the little guy. He is completely opposite of Bruce and LOVES to be with the people ALL THE TIME!

That's all for now :)


  1. Just followed you via google friend - I love that flakie you've used!

    1. Welcome and Thank you for following!!
      I can't believe I had this flakie for so long without trying it, it is pretty cool. I am going to have to work with more flakies soon.


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