Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elevation Polish Liana

Hey Everyone!!! Work is so slow I figured what better time to start my post! I think we are going to get to leave early today so at least that is good news. I am debating going to the nail supply store if we get out early. I guess it depends how early lol I am definitely going to hit Walgreens on the way home to see if they have any new Sinful Colors displays lol Cheap thrills are always fun.

Today I have an awesome polish for you. I debated on buying this one when I heard it was being retired then I saw some swatches and HAD to have it. I am so glad I did!!!

Elevation Polish Liana. Look at that shimmer!!!

I took a ton of pictures of this polish and bottle because it is gorgeous. I also happened to catch the shimmer showing itself really strongly.

Liana is a really gorgeous light brown (taupe) with the pretty shimmer you see above. This baby shimmers red, gold and green!! It is far prettier in person than these pictures could ever show.

Df described this color as chocolate pudding with water in it. It is such a creamy chocolate yummy color. Yes, I want chocolate right now!! lol

I used three coats to make sure my Gelish mani was covered and because I was quite frazzled and stressed over my car overheating that day. My application was less than perfect.

Purdy shimmer.

Now mid way through the mani we decided to go get my car which was stranded in a parking lot. I filled a couple of jugs with water then went to go put it in the car to bring it home. In the process messed up my nails.

It wasn't a good mani night.

The polish was so pretty it makes up for the errors.

I love this color. It seems to still be in stock so if you want to get it I would do it fast before it is gone forever.

Sorry, had to cut this a little short. The boss just gave the go ahead to head home and I need to get moving before he changes his mind lol. It has happened before lol

That's all for now :)


  1. Wow, awesome shimmer! Sucks about your car though :(

    1. The shimmer is really cool in this one. So interesting! Yeah the car was a bummer but at least it was fixed fast and seems to be running well now.

  2. That's lovely. Somehow that one seems to have escaped my attention so far!

    1. I actually just recently learned of Elevation Polish, I can't believe I hadn't seen them before. They are gorgeous!


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