Sunday, March 3, 2013

Artsyfartsy Crafts Shamrock Glitter Mix Mani

Hey Everyone!!! I have such a headache today. I was laying a certain way this morning and I KNEW I would end up with a head/neck ache if I kept it up but I couldn't bear to move Neil. He was laying on my chest purring and I didn't want to move him. I am paying for it now. The great thing is that we got a little cold front so I have the doors opened and I am enjoying the cool air. 

I absolutely love St. Patrick's Day. I love all things Irish and though the holiday is not celebrated in Ireland the way it is here I still love it. I also love green so that makes it even better. I am going to do all green manis until St. Patrick's Day because I can! lol I have a bunch of green polishes and this will also help get through untrieds. I am going to start off by showing you the Gelish base mani that I did.

I am still perfecting my Gelish manicures but I am loving how they are protecting my nails and allowing them to grow. I actually had to cut back my thumb nail because when it gets to a certain length it actually curves funny and it had reached that length. 

I started with a one coat base of Gelish Emerald Sparkle which does not look Emerald at all. It is sparkly though. Basically it is just a fine glitter that looks silver with a slight hue of green if you look closely enough and use a little imagination. You can't really see it in the pictures below anyway. 

Then I did a gradient with a great glitter I ordered from Artsyfartsy Crafts awhile back. 

I used Artsyfartsy Crafts Shamrock Multi Glitter Mix for the gradient.

Shamrock is a great mix of green glitters with a touch of gold added in there. Most of the glitter is fine but there are some larger hexes. I really like this mix and actually have a couple of the other colors that I am looking forward to wearing now.

I loved the bigger hexes in this mix. They add a nice pop of color.

Doing a glitter gradient on a Gelish mani can be a little difficult so I did have to go back and put some hexes on some of the nails after I had done the initial gradient. This is pretty much due to the way I was doing the nails though because there is a great balance in the mix of glitter. There are plenty of hexes in there.

This glitter is so sparkly and very festive. I spent a lot of time looking at my mani.

It is perfectly named and perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

I actually had a really hard time covering this up for the next mani lol It is so pretty.

I am so excited to be using greens for the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy seeing what I come up with.

That's all for now :)


  1. What we do for our pets :-) I don't like to inconvenience mine either when their in a comfortable spot. How DO you cover that glitter up? I'm still perfecting my Gelish manis too, and can use any little tidbits of tips or tricks. :-)

    1. I know right!!! Neil is especially spolied because of his condition too!

      If I am painting over the glitter with regular polish I usually either choose colors that are opaque enough to cover the glitter or I use a lot of coats. For the mani I have on today I had to use 4 coats to cover the glitter which is not desirable but I am stubborn and wanted to wear this polish.

      Ohh I will try and think of some tips and tricks that I use. I feel like I am just starting to get to the point of doing decent Gelish manis but they still have some issues. lol

  2. Thanks.Looking forward to seeing your next mani :-)


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