Friday, March 15, 2013

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Hey Everyone!! I just noticed that when I am talking to someone on the computer, be it on a chat or email, when I insert a smiley icon I also smile at the computer. That must be interesting an interesting site to see someone type away then all the sudden smile weirdly at the computer for a second then return to a normal typing face. Anyway, today I spent most of the day at work getting packages together for various people and getting some Easter goods crocheted. I have so many crochet projects to do, some of which are for Easter, and so little time. My friend just had her baby (a week early) yesterday and I have part of her gift barely started. In my defense I was going to work on it all weekend to get it (hopefully) finished and mailed out next week. I should probably be babbling less so I can get to work on my projects lol.

Today I have a few awesome polishes to show you. This mani didn't exactly turn out the way I had planned and that was after my first attempt failed and I had to improvise. 

I started with a base of Australis Here Today Gone Tomorrow. The color in the bottle in the picture above is completely inaccurate but I took the picture at night and it just wasn't working for me. I had my son standing next to me shining a flashlight on it. I know, I know, BAD BLOGGER! I need to get an OTT light I think. Here Today Gone Tomorrow is a gorgeous green jelly or crelly. I want to say it is a jelly but it was basically opaque in two coats which does not constitute complete jelly to me. I am not really sure which it is but the color is gorgeous.

I then used Girly Bits Monster Mash from the 2012 Halloween collection on my right hand. I LOVE Monster Mash for both the name and the awesome polish that it is.

I will have the song stuck in my head all night now! Monster Mash is a gorgeous green, gold and black glitter mix in a slightly green tinted base. It is really cool. 

Unfortunately because Here Today Gone Tomorrow is so dark you couldn't really see the black glitter in this mani. I love the glitter you can see though. 

Next time I am going to have to use Monster Mash on a lighter base.

In person you could see the black glitter better because Here Today Gone Tomorrow caught the light and was not as dark. I didn't have complete sunlight for these pictures though.

I really loved Monster Mash but I also wanted to try out another glitter I had in my green box. Since I am running out of time until St. Patrick's Day I decided to use one glitter on one hand and the other on my other hand.

This is Sation Class Clown. Class Clown is from the 2012 Class of Sation collection. 

It looked decent over Here Today Gone Tomorrow but it mostly looks like a bunch of iridescent glitter. That isn't a bad thing but you loose the slightly tinted green base over the dark color.

It does look nice together though and I did enjoy the look. 

If I was to choose I would have to say that Monster Mash over Here Today Gone Tomorrow was the much more exciting of the two manis. Now I have to find something better to try these glitters over.

I had also received some Artsyfartsycrafts glitter in the mail that I was so excited about I had to share. Check out those colors!! 

I linked you to the facebook page because if you aren't a follower you should be! She has tons of awesome glitters and does all sorts of cute necklaces and hair clips and bows. I actually got these glitters when she had a destash clearance sale to make room for new stuff. I have my eye on some glow in the dark pigments and new mixes she has listed.

That's all for now :)


  1. I didn't even realize Sation did collections--I only ever see them in random beauty supply stores and never any special displays.

    1. Yes they do actually. I only know this because I want the Candylandia or collection and they have another one Miss Antoinette which is their Spring one I believe. I have never seen it anywhere in person sadly. I keep getting mine from blog sales or gifts lol

    2. I've seen Sation sold at my local Walmart recently.

    3. Ohhh I wish my Walmart had them! I didn't see any the other day when I was there but I am going to have to keep an eye out in the future.


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