Saturday, March 16, 2013

Angel Kisssed Four Leaf Clovers

Hey Everyone!! I decided to try and organize my pictures on the computer today. What a mess. I have a million pictures and getting them all into folders and labeled is quite the task. I have pretty much all of 2012 through today left to do. Yikes.

Today I am going to show you another St. Patrick's Day manicure. 

I used Color Club Angel Kiss from the 2012 Halo Hues collection. 

I used Australis Here Today Gone Tomrrow and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Orange Impulse for the stamping. I actually used a green striper polish to stamp as well but don't have a picture of it.

I used the four leaf clover design on Konad plate M22.

I also used the thin lines on the design on the lower left of Mash plate Mash-43.

I started with a base of Angel Kiss. I love the Color Club holos, they apply so well and are great polishes. Look at that holo, it is so strong.

I stamped the four leaf clovers on all my nails except the accent nail. I actually used the green striper polish then restamped over it with Here Today Gone Tomorrow. You couldn't really see Here Today Gone Tomorrow as well as I wanted when it was stamped alone. 

You can see on some of the stampings I didn't line them up quite right. I think it makes it look 3D like, that or like I really need glasses. Luckily only two of the nails were really bad.

I then used orange and white to stamp thin lines on the tips. 

I didn't want them to look uniform which is probably good because I did have some alignment issues with stamping the lines.

I used striping tape for the accent nails. I applied the tape and then two quick coats of Here Today Gone Tomorrow.

I love the way the accent nail looks. 

This is an indoor shot just to show you how awesome the holo effect is even inside.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such a fun mani! I found out this week that I have no four leaf clover images on my stamping plates. Wish I had at least one. Anyway, I love the combo with the holo underneath. And the idea with the lines is great.

    1. Thanks :)

      I love the look of the lines!!! I want to do that with all my manis now lol


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