Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just an Update and Ramble

Hey Everyone!!! I don't have a mani post ready for you yet because I uploaded the wrong pictures. DUH for me! What I did want to tell you about is my plan for posting and my big experiment that I have been doing lately with my nails.

As you may notice by following my blog my nails are not quite what I would like them to be. They are pretty weak and can be peely and break a ton. I decided that I was going to give gel nail polish a try to see if I could get them protected and possibly help them grow out strong. I have been playing around and trying to get the application and process of DIY Gelicures down before I started to add that to my blog. I started with the Nailene Sensationail kit that you can find at CVS and Walmart. I didn't love the color or the top/base coat but it was a great price for the light when I used my CVS magic coupons and extrabucks. I then picked up the Gelish starter kit and have been loving Gelish since. I do have a Red Carpet Manicure polish and a Le Chat polish so I am also experimenting with other brands. There is a pretty big learning curve and I still don't have everything down to a science but I am researching and getting better with each manicure.

My nails are crazy long and the gel polish is giving them some strength. Unfortunately not even the gel polish could save my pinky nail the other day when I bent it completely backward. It tore on both sides and was hanging on for dear life with just a little bit in the middle. It hurt and was beyond saving with a silk wrap so now it is reduced to super mutant nubbin. I am really happy with my nails now though and one of the great side effects is that they are no longer crypt keeper yellow!!!

The gel manicure should last 14 days for someone who has healthy nails. Since mine are weak, bendy and peely mine manicures last anywhere from 7-10 right now. They will get better as my nail issues grow out but right now I totally find the process worth the time. My point for this whole ramble is that my manis are going to be applied over whatever gel manicure I have going on at the time. It won't change much in regards to the polish I am showing you however it does create a problem with the crazy glitter bombs because I can't remove those with non acetone polish remover. I have devised a plan though. I have so many awesome Indie polishes I am dying to show you all as well as nail art with the tons of stamping plates I recently acquired.

My whole plan is to do the gel mani then do some stamping and nail art and various regular polish manis. Toward the end of my wear time for the Gelish mani I will show you the Indie polishes and various other glitter polishes that are going to be tough to remove. I think this will allow me to show a bit of everything and make me stamp more. There are so many awesome Indie brands out there now and I want to make sure I show off the ones I have been lucky enough to get. I am going to put a poll up on my sidebar so you can vote on which Indie I am going to use next. Any suggestions or undie ideas are awesome and I would love for you to leave me a comment if you have ideas. I am going to make a rotation through the Indie brands I have so that they get spread out and I can share the love. I have my first two Indies ready to go so the Dollish poll that is up now will determine what polish is used after these two.

Since I babbled endlessly and went on and on I figure a picture of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior is in order. I got that box that he is sitting in from Walmart.com. They sent ONE Essie polish in that box. You can see the polish in the box with Bruce. They could have fit a whole Bruce AND one Essie in that box. INSANITY WALMART TOTAL INSANITY!

Oh yeah, I will totally have a polish post up for you later this evening too :)

That's all for now :)


  1. How much is shipping on that box? Is it less without the shirt?

    1. Lol Luckily the shirt does not increase the price. Bruce does not like to travel naked. He needs to be stylish at all times lol

  2. Ah, now I see about the Gelish (yeah, I'm catching up, but backwards).

    A Bruce picture is always in order. :) I've gotten polishes from Nordstrom similarly overpackaged.

    1. haha I catch up backwards alot too.

      I don't understand why these companies waste so much packing material.

  3. What kind of lamp do you use for the gel manicure? We don't have these kits around here but I've seen a bunch of lamps around and they look kind of dangerous.
    I love cat in a box pictures! Oh and sorry I missed your poll!


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