Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flag Nails

Hey Everyone! I am exhausted, again. I didn't sleep well last night at all. I think I have been mostly awake since around 3-4am with a snooze here or there. I finally FELL asleep probably around 7am but then my alarm went off. Captain Neil was of course up three times between 3am and 8:45 when I finally rolled out of bed WAY LATE! I would really like to be sleeping right now. I am not feeling well and I am tired. Unfortunately though I have to work so here I am.

I love the Olympics but I am so tired that I am finding it hard to want to do extravagant nail art for them. Thus far I have stuck to the American Flag type manis and red, white and blue type stuff. I should have probably done more event themed manis and had planned one for the Gold Medal Beach Volleyball match today but then I got really tired and didn't execute it. It was really nice in my mind. I love beach volleyball and I love Misty and Kerri and hope they win their 3rd Gold this year. This mani is from the other day.

I don't know why I didn't do the cleanup before taking the pictures but for some reason I didn't. Smack me with a shoe.

I smudged my pinkie finger a bit. I did this freehand which explains a lot.

I am pretty much ready to move on to other colors at this point. I am on my second day of what I believe will be my last Olympic mani. I need to wear a different color stat!

I kept these tips for my next two manis so you will be seeing them with some added designs in the next couple of posts.

I really liked how they looked with the nude nail. I very much like that look.

I have a plan for showing some nail art, colors and indie polishes coming up. I think I worked out a way to make it all work and flow so I will be experimenting with that idea soon. If it goes according to plan I will be able to show you stamping and more nail art.

That's all for now :)


  1. These are so cute! I love how you did the flags as french tips! Subtle but awesome!

    1. Thank you! :) I am thinking I like this look a lot. It might be time to try using some of those french tip stamping plates.

  2. This looks great! Perfect Olympic nails!


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