Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hey Everyone!!! I really hate when I mess up a mani about 2 minutes after completing it. I did today's mani and realized as I was top coating my second hand that somehow I got a smudge of the stamping color on the side of the tip. I should probably redo it but I don't want to. Then I realized I dinged the crap out of my thumb nail and wiped a bit of polish off. I am also not going to fix that ding because I have other stuff to do. Since you don't see my thumbs anyway I don't feel obligated to fix it just for my sake. Both little imperfections are making me crazy though because I can see them. 

Today I have the final polish from the Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Collection. This polish is the black matte polish called Whipped. I did an accent nail with Catherine Arley 803 and then stamped with the opposite color using Born Pretty Store plate m64. I will review that plate in another post since it didn't quite show up on this mani.

I used three coats of Whipped. I love the black matte! The application was great and I could have probably gotten away with two coats if I was taking my time and doing a better job at applying it.

I used three coats of 803 as well. I love this polish but there was very little sun and I was having a very hard time getting the holo to show up. It is a fun lime green, chartreuse color. 

803 wasn't really good with the stamping only in that it didn't show up very well. It might work over a lighter color and I am guessing that top coat might have brought it out a little more as well. I can't say for sure regarding the top coat but it was pretty subtle without it. 

Whipped also stamped very well but was light when it was put on the nail. I can't remember if I put top coat on top of the stamped Whipped but it doesn't look like it. I should have probably written that part down.

I was hoping that 803 stamped would have added some sparkle to Whipped but I actually rather like the subtle look. 

Hopefully my cuticles are on the mend too so I don't have to torture you with the dried out mess any longer. It was harder to apply oil and take pictures with the Leather Luxe collection because the oil left the polish looking shiny for far too long. 

That's all for now :)

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