Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laced Up

Hey Everyone!! I was up pretty early today so I was able to take some pictures and get them edited in real time. Well, almost real time, this is day three of this mani. Day one I missed the sun so I couldn't get any pictures. Last night we went to open house for T. Oh my goodness. He has 8 classes and we were up and down flights of stairs and walking all over the school last night. I wore cute flats because I thought sneakers would be too slobby. I should have worn the sneakers!! My shoes were cutting into my feet and I had blisters by the time we made it to the second class. My poor feet were killing me and we didn't have time to eat before we went. It was a long night but I enjoyed meeting his teachers. I am sore and very tired today though. Then I realized today that my 12 point star afghan I am crocheting actually has 13 points because I didn't start it right. I am pretty far along and refuse to fix it so mine will be a little different. I guess being that we are talking about me it is fitting. 

Today I have Sinful Colors Laced Up from the Leather Luxe collection. This was the last polish I bought and I only did so because it was on sale for 99 cents. I wasn't overly drawn to the color but as soon as I put it on I loved it. I am so surprised at how much I like this color.

The first picture I took this morning came out a bit washed out and not quite right and I realized my lens was dirty. I love the way it made the picture look soft though so I kept it. Looks a little hazy but still pretty.

This is three coats. There is some slight tip wear because it is a matte and day 3. Laced Up is a red-orange color that is on the coral side of the spectrum. I really like it.

My poor cuticles are finally getting a little better. I worked on shaping my nails a little better today. I am determined to get this shape down so I can grow long pointy nails. We will see how long that phase lasts.

The formula on this polish was pretty good. Very easy to apply. On a side note I have misplaced my thinner so it is a very good thing the formula was good. I wish I knew where I put that stupid thinner. 

I took a bunch of pictures of this one today. I was up way too early.

Wouldn't you know that when I got back home from taking T to school it was nice and sunny. I tried and failed to go back to sleep for awhile since I didn't get much last night. When I finally decided sleeping was futile the sun was not out. 

Luckily it was light enough to take pictures because right now it is raining. I need more cooperative weather.

I have one more of the Leather Luxe polishes to show you. That should be up tomorrow. Maybe I will even get up early enough to take pictures and edit them before going to work again. 

That's all for now :)

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