Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cold Leather and Alcatraz Rocks

Hey Everyone!! Today I have a little rant to go on. I saw mention recently then again today on All Lacquered Up that CoverGirl and the NFL have "teamed up" to create bundles of polishes so you can sport your team's colors. At first I was super excited because we all know I am a die hard football fan and the possibilities of what they could do with that situation was astounding. Then I saw the site and like a balloon my excitement was quickly deflated. Basically I looked at three teams, the Buffalo Bills and the NY Giants as well as the Detroit Lions. Both Buffalo and Ny team colors are red,white and blue but the shades are a little different. Both offerings on this CoverGirl website were the same for these two teams. There were six  colors listed. There were two shades of blue, two shades of red one white and one black. I have never paid any mind to CoverGirl's nail polish since they came out with the new bottles so I don't know if all of the colors are already core colors or just the reds, white and black. The Detroit Lions had less options but then the site went to a white SERVICE UNAVAILABLE page again so I can't even tell you what options they had. 

Any way I look at it to me it just seems like a lame way for CoverGirl to get in on the fact that chicks like football and sell some extra polish. There is nothing linking these polishes to the NFL other than their promo pictures. When you go to purchase these "bundles" you are doing so from a retailer you select from a list and when I did act like I was going to order some I couldn't get all of the colors from a single retailer which is even more of a fail. I am going to assume that the site has some bugs right now because it isn't working correctly and I keep getting sent to that white page. To say I am disappointed in the lame efforts on both the part of CoverGirl and the NFL to make money off their female fans is an understatement. I have seen better offerings from Indie brands who have been forced to rename the polishes because the team names are under copyright. If these polishes were maybe named something to do with football or the specific teams or even had an NFL logo sticker on them it would be one thing but they don't appear to even have that. I would be more likely to buy a no name, cheap polish that had my team's logo on the bottle than I would be to buy an already core color from CoverGirl just because they said HEY LOOK WE ARE TEAMED UP WITH THE NFL AND THIS IS YOUR TEAM'S COLORS! Both the NFL and CoverGirl should get a flag for this showing and a 15 yard penalty.

Ok, sorry about that. Now for the real reason we are here. Today's Sinful Colors Leather Luxe was supposed to be my Monday Blues post but that didn't quite happen. Bad me. 

This mani is three coats of Sinful Colors Cold Leather and a gradient of OPI Alcatraz Rocks from their Fall San Francisco Collection. Finally a Leather Luxe polish with a leather name! 

It looks a little bit shinier because I had used cuticle oil an hour or so before taking the pictures. I was trying to wipe it all off but it didn't quite work and the nails still retained a slight shine.

I really liked this shade of blue and I especially like it matte. 

Alcatraz Rocks was interesting. It went perfectly with Cold Leather but it didn't really wow me. I have it on my toes and when I catch the sparkle it is pretty but the rest of the time I don't pay much mind to it.

I was expecting to love Alcatraz Rocks more than I did but my mind may be changed when I use it for a full mani. I actually really did love the texture combination of the matte polish and the liquid sand. Very cool.

For some reason this mani makes me think of a geode. I don't know why.

Cold Leather was fun there in the corners of my skin where it got stuck. You can see the little bit of staining there where I could not get it off my index and middle finger. 

I ended up getting the last of the Leather Luxe polishes last night so I have the full collection now. I think I only have two colors left to show you. 

That's all for now :)


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