Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Isabella Emerald

Hey Everyone!!! Ok I think blogger is finally cooperating with me and I can get this posted. I always have a problem moving my pictures around once uploaded when I try and blog at work. I was so tired last night I just uploaded the pictures but didn't make sure they were in the right order. I just spent way too long and had two different browers shut down on my when I was trying to get them arranged. Sometimes computers and I do not get along well. I am so excited to finally have finished that blanket I was working on. I forgot to upload a picture of it so I will have to show you that tomorrow. 

Today I have an amazing polish from Smitten Polish. This is one of the Shipwrecked! polishes and it is amazing! I just recently was able to get this baby and I am so excited. I don't know why I didn't get it sooner and I am amazed that Noelie still has stock of this gorgeous polish. 

The Isabella Emerald is a gorgeous emerald polish inspired by the 964-carat emerald presented to Cortes then lost at sea for a couple hundred years. 

This is a gorgeous emerald green jelly base with various sizes of disco glitters that give it a ton of depth and sparkle. 

For the stamping I used Essie Good as Gold from their Mirror Metallics collection and Vivid Lacquer plate VL008. I LOVE the VL plates and how well they stamp. I highly recommend them!

Now, my pictures are slightly out of order and because of the issues that the program is giving me I am going to leave them that way. This picture shows the mani mattified. It was supposed to go at the end but the internet disagrees.

A close up of the two stamping designs. I used three coats of The Isabella Emerald. 

The application was great and I had no issues with the consistency. Toward the end of the mani I did realize that next time I will probably want to add some thinner as it got a little thicker. I also like my polishes pretty thin so it would probably be fine for a normal person.

I really love how much depth the glitter gives this polish. It makes me think of a faceted gemstone with the way the glitter reacts to the lighting.

This one was way shinier in person but the weather didn't cooperate and it was very very overcast. It has been raining all week which of course makes taking good pictures fun.

Such a pretty shade of green. I usually don't like gold but I thought it went perfectly with the color. I have stamped with gold two manis in a row now. I might need my temperature checked.

Next I want to try layering The Isabella Emerald over a darker green so I can preserve the pretty and see how a dark green base brings out that glitter. 

I am so glad I was able to get this polish before it was gone. There is still some stock left but this one is so pretty I can't imagine it staying around too long. 

I kept this on for two days and still didn't want to take it off. I probably wouldn't have if I had more manis in reserve to blog about. Since I didn't I had to take it off so I had stuff to post. 

This is a shot with flash against part of the blanket. 

I love how glitters look mattified. I would have worn this one mattified for an extra day.

So so pretty. If you don't have this polish already I suggest you add it to your collection. It is gorgeous and emerald does happen to be this year's color. It is currently on sale at Smitten Polish for $7.00 so not only do you get a gorgeous polish but you get it on sale too! 

That's all for now :)

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