Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sinful Colors Get It On

Hey Everyone! I started my morning by breaking a nail. That can't be a good sign. It was a nail that was a peeling mess in the corner that broke but still. I actually went to Walgreens with the intention of getting the last color from the Leather Luxe collection and they decided to remove the display. Usually when they do that they put the rest randomly in the regular display but not this time. I know that collection didn't sell out because I just saw it the other day so I have no idea where they put it. Ah well. I might stop by another store but if not I consider it not meant to be. I joined another fantasy football league. Tonight is the draft. Hopefully I can get my opening night mani done either before, after or during the draft. It is going to be a simple mani but hopefully will still come out good. Hopefully none of my other nails decide to break now. 

Today is another Sinful Colors Leather Luxe polish. This one looked more red in the swatches I saw online and even in the bottle it leaned more red. On me it was more magenta. I was slightly disappointed.

Sinful Colors Get It On. I used three coats. I was hoping it was going to be red. It was not.

I used a clear polish to dot on alternating fingers to give it a little bit of a pop. 

The application was good and I didn't notice as many issues with this color. Once again I am not really sure how the name coincides with the collection name/theme. 

One thing about the non top coated matte polishes I don't like is how fast I have tip wear. I was doing a lot of opening packages of paper when I was printing at work. The tip wear happened pretty quickly with this mani.

It actually is a really nice matte polish. My only complaint for it was that it wasn't as red as the pictures made it seem. I am going to have to find a matte red polish. That or I could just make my life easier and use a red I have with matte top coat.

That's all for now :)


  1. Looks awesome! I love the matte look but rarely wear it without topcoat because of the chip factor.

    1. Thanks :) Yes the chip factor is quite a pain. I don't mind having to change my polish daily since I usually do that anyway but I would rather not be required to change it due to chipping. Once in awhile the break from shiny is fun but in doing all of the polishes from this collection I am ready for my shiny back!


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