Friday, February 14, 2014

Anti Valentine

Hey Everyone!! Happy Valentine's Day to those that chose to fall into the over commercialized trap of it all. I kid, I kid. Seriously Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it. I have mentioned that we don't really do anything. I did actually find cute and very corny printable Valentine's Day cards that the NY Giants have on their website and printed those out for C. They are lame and silly and I will probably get the whole "Valentine's Day doesn't exist to us remember" line but how could I not print out a card with something as corny as "Will you be my co-captain?" on it. I will stop and get T some candy and we will call it a regular Friday night. For those of you who don't celebrate Valentine's Day this mani is more geared toward you :)

I figured I would actually do a red mani this year but then I decided I had to go anti Valentine with it just to counteract the red.

I started with a base of the CND 2011 Red Hot Duo. Just Red is the creme color in the duo. It is a really nice polish that is somewhere in between a jelly and a creme. I actually love the formula on that polish even if it is red. I then applied one coat of Red Sparkle which is the glitter portion of the duo. Red Sparkle is a very fine red glitter in a clear base. I love that glitter, it reminds me of the fine sugar they sprinkle on sugar cookies at Christmas time.

Since that was just not enough sparkle I added a coat of Girly Bits Canuck the Dots which was made for Canada Day. They are back online and you can find the shop here. Canuck the Dots is in the On the Way Out section so if you are interested in it you should jump on it soon before it is retired. I love this combination of matte red and white glitter in various shapes and sizes. It is perfect for not only Canada Day but also Valentine's Day, July 4th (adding some blue of course) and Christmas. Yeah, I really didn't need all those reasons to buy it but they worked well as my excuses :)

For the stamping I went with skulls and broken and splattered hearts. Festive isn't it?

The skulls came from Mash plate Mash 26. I used whatever black polish I had sitting on the table for stamping. I think it was Wet N Wild.

I used Gals plate GA12 from the 2013 Princess set for the broken heart and Fab Ur Nails plate FUN12 for the splattered heart design.

I don't have a picture of Bruce today but I do have a new plate that I just got in the mail. I love Nail Mail! It is MJ jr 5 from the new jr plate collection. So cute! 

That's all for now :)

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