Monday, February 10, 2014

Chromatic Creation Hearts

Hey Everyone!! Well what do ya know two posts in one day! We don't actually do Valentine's Day but since I love hearts I always do Valentine's Day manis. I know, it is weird. I figured I would do some Valentine's Day manis for this week even though I am sure some of them won't actually be your typical red and pink themed manis. 

Before we get into the mani however I have a couple pictures of my little love Mr. Bruce. He cracked me up when I saw him in the window but it was really hard to get a good picture.

The funniest thing about this is that he is on top of something so he is at the top of the window. I couldn't post the picture showing the full window because the glare made it hard to see him. Just imagine him at the very top of a big window with just his head poking out of the blinds.

He was watching some birds. So funny and cute.

For my first Valentine's Day mani I used Finger Paints Chromatic Creation as the base.

I stamped with Cult Nails Quench which looked bright pink or magenta stamped over Chromatic Creation. I It was a happy accident since I was expecting something more red. The hearts I stamped with Wet n Wild black polish.

I stamped the hearts with Pueen plate PUEEN43 from the 2013 24E-Love Elements Collection.  I used Quench and Winstonia plate W113 from their first generation set for the hearts.

I wanted to add something more so I used heart shaped rhinestones from a wheel I bought on ebay. I alternated pink and red hearts. I don't like to topcoat rhinestones but I did it for this mani since the last couple of times I tried to go without top coating them I lost a few.

I put two coats of top coat on this mani and didn't see much sun after that so I didn't see the holo from Chromatic Creation much after stamping over it. I know it was there a little bit because I did get a peek at it once but it wasn't very visible. I was wondering how top coat would affect the holo but totally forgot to try it when the sun was out.

That's all for now :)

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