Monday, February 3, 2014

Zoya Solange and Liberty

Hey Everyone!!! I have a quick post tonight. I am finally over my cold only for C to come home feeling like he is getting another cold. I am hoping I don't get sick. I still have a little congestion but I am pretty much better. I finally got Friday's mani from Zoya week edited and ready to go. I had a nice Broncos mani for Sunday but I took it off before the game ended. I only have one picture and I posted it on Instagram so I probably won't post that here. I am not a Broncos fan but I am a huge Peyton Manning fan so the game was disappointing not only because he lost but because the game was just not good. The commercials weren't anything awesome and I wasn't impressed with the halftime show either. The only good thing about the game was the cake we had at halftime. Hopefully next year is a better football year.

A quick picture of Bruce because he is such a cutie.

I love that cat!

I used Zoya Liberty and Solange from the Summer Pixie Dust collection for this mani.

I did a gradient type mani because for some reason I really liked these colors together. 

I absolutely love this mani. I kept looking at it. 

Both colors are so vivid and bright. It was quite a cheery mani. 

Where they blended the two colors turned a little green which I was hoping would happen. It was a little more obvious in person but was still pretty subtle.

I bet this would have looked awesome with top coat as well. I can't believe I didn't think of that before taking it off.

I have a minor catastrophe with my ring and pinky nails on my left hand. Right now they are hanging on by a silk wrap and gel polish but they are about to break really low. I think they are each split about half way across. I am trying to save them for as long as possible but I am betting I will be going to nubbins sooner than later. 

I kept thinking that this mani reminded me of something but I couldn't think of what the entire time I had it on. I think I just realized that it reminds me of minions. I am going to have to do some minion nail art with these colors.

I am loving the Pixie Dust polishes. I think they are my favorite of all the textured polishes I have tried.

That's all for now :)


  1. Replies
    1. Bruce thanks you very much :) He loves the attention.

  2. I love Bruce!! Such a cute picture!
    I love these polishes together because I'm a big fan of the blue and yellow combo. I keep telling myself that I have to try a gradient with textured polishes. Pixie Dust polishes are my favorite textures too, probably because they are less gritty compared to other brands I have. Plus the colors are extremely gorgeous. Hope Liberty didn't stain your nails!

    1. Bruce says Thank you and sends kisses :)
      I don't know why those two colors just demanded for me to use them together and I loved it. I guess I need to try more blues and yellows together now lol I think it is the sparkle in the Pixie Dusts that really makes me love them but I am not sure. I am now on a mission to have all of the Pixies though which my wallet is less than thrilled with. Liberty actually only stained one nail in one spot along the edge between my gel mani and cuticle. I think not being able to get in there really good with acetone was the main issue.

  3. Great manicure -- I love nail art with textures! Is it any more difficult to do a gradient with textured polishes than it is with polishes that are not textured?

    Bruce is indeed very cute!

    1. Bruce thanks you :)
      Hmm for this mani I didn't use a sponge and first painted the blue part with two coats. It was pretty easy to then add the yellow and play around with how the colors came together. I would say it was easier when I messed up because I could just dab the other color and the texture helped camouflage the area. I actually think it came out better than when I have tried the same technique with cremes. I need to try using a sponge with the texture polishes on my next gradient.


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