Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Snoopy Valentine

plate RuiZ02  girly bits auld langs wyne muted burgundy wine linear holo  BM-H17
Hey Everyone!!  I am getting a headache so I am going to make this brief. I do have a ton of pictures for you though :) I think this might be my favorite of the Valentine's Day manis that I have done this year. I love Snoopy though so it has a slight edge.

I started with a base of Girly Bits Auld Langs Wyne. I would link you to the shop but she it is currently in maintenance mode. You can buy Girly Bits from Llarowe though. 

I used three coats of Auld Langs Wyne. It is a gorgeous muted burgundy wine color and it is holo! Omg the holo. Oh so holo. As you can see it is holo even in low light.

I made stamping decals with RuiZ02 for the Snoopy design. I had some issues with my top coat smearing which made me sad. I would have redone those nails but it was so late already and I was tired. 

Some sun really brings out the holo. I used BM-H17 to make decals for the hearts. I would have stamped them straight on my nails but I didn't think I could line them up right. 

I didn't top coat the mani until both of the stamping decals were placed on my nail so they would be on the same layer.

The light over my oven also makes the holo come out and play really nicely.

I love hearts and I love Snoopy and I really love holo so this mani made me quite happy!

My poor index finger nail broke and I had to nubbinize it. I am hoping it grows back soon. I think that in my mission to make a stamping book trying to get the plates out of the holder actually cut the nail.

Auld Langs Wyne is from the 2013 Holiday Collection. I picked this beauty up on a blog sale and oh my gosh it has made me want ALL of the holos. 

It was probably better when I was attempting to ignore all the awesome new polishes coming out because I seriously can't stop looking for holos now. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Super cute!! I need to try to make some of those decals. I haven't tried it yet!

    1. Thank you :) Oh you must try it out! I love stamper decals, they are so much easier to color in than if you are stamping directly on your nail. Just beware of smearing top coats. Poor Snoopy fell victim to that. I was so mad but too tired to redo the ones that messed up.

  2. So adorable....that GB is gorg too!

  3. Where can I purchase the snoopy nail decals from? does anyone know?


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