Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Purple for World Cancer Day

Hey Everyone!! Today is World Cancer Day and I did a purple mani to support that cause. 

I used a base of Zoya Mira from the 2011 Summertime Collection. I used three coats. Mira is a gorgeous purple. These pictures aren't very color accurate, purple is not the easiest color to photograph and Mira wasn't very cooperative.

This picture is more color accurate but I think Mira is a little darker in person. Zoya calls it a "blue toned medium purple with dusty lavender tones". I call it a very pretty purple creme.

I just noticed when I was editing these pictures I apparently had animal cracker crumbs on my fingers still. Oops. Sorry about that.

I used Bettina Polish in VIP for the stamping. I should have tested the polish before starting the stamping because VIP stamps very lightly. It is a nice subtle look which I liked but at some angles you couldn't even tell it was stamped.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-H18 from the Holiday set for the heart design. I love the holiday set of plates! I really love the designs and they work really well. I think they are the best working plate set Bundle Monster has come up with so far.

That's all for now :)


  1. Even if it was unintentional I still love the subtle stamping! I'm a big fan of it. I love purple but you are totally right, it's impossible to photograph. I still can tell that this is a beautiful shade. Looks great on you!

    1. Thank You :) Yeah purples and some blues make me crazy. I want them to look accurate but they just don't want to. I like subtle stamping a lot too but for some reason I rarely do it lol


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