Monday, March 3, 2014

Small break

Hey Everyone!!!! Just wanted to stop in and give an update. I am FINALLY getting over this stupid flu/cold thing that knocked me out for the past week. We have had some issues and stuff going on which sidetracked me until the germs completely put me down. I think we have all taken our turn getting sick and are finally on the mend. My nails were breaking so I finally just gave in and filed them down to nubs. I am on my second gel mani where I have pretty much just done the mani and left them alone. Mostly due to feeling like garbage. I keep thinking of stamping over them to at least change it up a little but I haven't had the energy. I am thinking I will probably take at least this week off from blogging and hopefully will be all rested and back to feeling good by next week. If not it might be another few days. We will see how it goes. C is STILL getting over this bug and he started with it around the 15th so it is a pretty rugged one. 

I hope all is well and I will talk to ya'll soon :)


  1. Take care! Looking forward to your mani's when you return!

  2. Hope you're feeling better every day!


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