Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey Everyone! Oh it has been a busy week already. I had to run out last night to get some stuff taken care of for the band and ended up staying and talking to one of the band moms for a bit longer than I had expected. It was pouring rain which made it harder for me to get to the car. I had a great morning today with my son. I had to take him to the doctor for a physical and because he hasn't been feeling well but it was fun to spend the morning with him. We had bagels after the appointment then stopped by the store before I came into work. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to go to school and he looks at me and says "mom, I need a day off now and then too you know". Um, yeah, ok kid.

Today I have another of the CrowsToes Halloween polishes.

VooDoo is a great Halloween mixture of orange, purple, green in a clear base. There is some bar glitter in there which doesn't bother me but I know some people don't like bar glitter.

I chose Sally Hansen Instra Dri Orchid Express as the base for this polish. I don't have any pictures of it alone to show you because I totally forgot to take them. I was having quite a hard time getting the purple to show up accurately.

I even tried taking a picture under water as a last resort desperate attempt. It didn't work of course.

I applied this polish in a combination of regular application plus some dabbing and dragging. It applied well and had a great amount of glitter. This polish is PACKED with glitter. You shouldn't have any issues getting enough glitter, ever!

I love the colors in this polish and the different sizes and shapes of glitter. It screams Halloween to me.

I kinda want to wear these polishes non stop until Halloween gets here.

I am running a little behind on everything today so I am going to keep this short. My lunch is waiting for me too :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Another great glitter! I have got to stop procrastinating and order these.

    1. YES YOU DO!!! Order them! Order them soon so you have them for Halloween!

  2. This one is to die for! Makes me so jealous I don't have it. Can't wait to see Frogs' Breath!

    1. This one is pretty awesome! I love them all but I think Frogs' Breath may be my favorite. I will have that one posted soon!


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